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Water in the fridge

“The appearance of water in the refrigerator may indicate a blockage in the drainage system. If it is not eliminated in time, the vital systems of the apparatus may suffer! We will tell you why water appears in the refrigerator and methods for eliminating blockage in the refrigerator. If necessary, you can contact our service for help at any time!

Refrigerator drain blockage

Water appears in the refrigerator for a reason. This directly indicates a malfunction or the cause is a blockage in the melt water drain system. If at one fine moment you notice that water has appeared in the chamber, you need to think about calling a professional craftsman to your house, who will be able to eliminate the blockage in the refrigerator in the shortest possible time efficiently and inexpensively. In order to correctly diagnose the cause of the malfunction, as a result of which there is an accumulation of water in the compartment, you need to take in ... Read more »

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Filling the refrigerator

“Refilling the refrigerator with freon is a very difficult and responsible job, so it is not recommended to do it yourself. The best option is to seek professional help from our company, and we will definitely do our best! If you want to perform the procedure yourself, then we suggest that you familiarize yourself with the technological process "

Any refrigeration units, however, like air conditioners, are filled with a certain amount of gas - freon, which is closely interconnected with the pipe system and other units of the unit. This allows refrigerators to produce cold, in other words, it helps to lower the temperature in the chambers. Lack or excess of freon leads to a deterioration in the performance of cold, and in the event of a leak, the refrigerator may even break down. This will lead to the fact that urgent repairs of refrigerators may be required. In the case of a decrease in the volume of gas, it begins to overheat, whi ... Read more »

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Refrigerator Diagnostics

“How do you diagnose a refrigerator with your own hands? Why professional diagnostics is the best solution? How to recognize a malfunction of a household appliance? We offer not only repair of refrigerators of any complexity, but also preventive diagnostics of malfunctions.

Often there are situations when household appliances fail. This happens especially often with large-sized devices equipped with a large number of electronic sensors and other components, on which the working condition directly depends. Unfortunately, it is not always possible to establish the exact cause of a breakdown based on existing signs. This is due to the fact that many signs are indirect or applicable to several faults at the same time. Hence, there is a need for detailed diagnostics before proceeding directly to the repair. It should be borne in mind that diagnosing a refrigerator is a very difficult procedure and requires the necessary knowledge, taking int ... Read more »

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Any, even an ultra-quiet refrigerator, makes sounds during operation - this is normal. But if the calm buzz of the refrigeration unit pacifies, then a sharp knock, clicks and hum are annoying and alarming. The article describes the nature of extraneous sounds, and why they can appear even in a new refrigerator.

1. The first and most common cause of failure, in which there is a characteristic tapping when the refrigerator is turned on and off, is that the casing of the linear compressor and the frames touch each other during the start of the electric drive. This could appear due to the fact that you may have moved the device from place to place, touched and bent the frame. Bending the frame back is not recommended. To eliminate this breakdown, you yourself need to carefully examine the back wall of the refrigerator and find the place of contact between the frame and the casing, then simply place a small piece of foam ... Read more »

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What brands of refrigerators break down most often?

The service life of the refrigerator depends on the quality of assembly, parts, materials and operating conditions. And if the last factor can be controlled, then the rest depends only on the manufacturer. A leather company allows a small part of the product to be defective, so a lot is also determined by luck. A particular instance may break due to an initial defect.

To protect yourself from factory defects as much as possible, you should prefer refrigerators assembled in European and some Asian countries.


The planned failure of equipment after a certain service life is a common practice among global manufacturers. Every major company has specialists who are looking for ways to limit the life of the equipment without compromising its reliability during the warranty period.

A key feature of programmable demolition is that it would be unprofitable to repair equi ... Read more »

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Do-it-yourself refrigerator thermostat check

From a technological point of view, the design of the refrigerator is a combination of such components as a thermoregulation system, a start relay and a blower compressor.

All nodes may be faulty, while different causes may have the same symptoms. Very often, when a starting relay is suspected during repair, the reason is a breakdown of the thermostat. To understand how to check the standard thermostat of a conventional refrigerator, we will consider further.

If the thermostat fails, this does not mean that the refrigerator will immediately stop working. However, incorrect information about the current temperature will adversely affect his work. If the part is broken, it is not necessary to buy a new device. There are malfunctions that can be eliminated and repaired even on your own at home.

The most basic, and where to start work, is to check the thermostat. A sign of a malfunction or impending breakdown i ... Read more »

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