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The washing machine does not draw water: causes

Most often the culprit of this malfunction can be called clogging of the inlet filter (mesh), which is designed for rough cleaning of water from impurities, coarse particles and rust. In this case, it is only enough to clean or replace the filter and the household appliance will work again without interruption. Another thing is when the breakdown lies in some part. What can be the reason why the washing machine does not take on water or the washing machine constantly takes on water?

The water supply valve (fill valve) - is designed to stop the water supply at the right time. When the water level reaches the desired mark, the level sensor sends a signal to the module which in its turn closes the electric circuit of the feeding valve. The valve shuts off the water flow to avoid overflowing. If the element fails, then there are problems with filling: water either does not enter the tank, or it is filled there uncontrollabl ... Read more »

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The washing machine doesn't drain

Why doesn't the washing machine drain? What can be the reason for such behavior? How to eliminate the malfunction independently and is it worth doing? We will tell you what causes this kind of malfunction!

Repair of washing machines at home . washing machine does not drain water. Most often, the washing machine does not drain water due to clogs, which can clog the drainage system in different areas, as well as the drain filter. In this case, the pump simply physically can not remove water from the tank, the machine interrupts the specified programs and begins to signal a malfunction. In models with mechanical control certain indicators start blinking, and in more modern intelligent devices the error code is displayed. Unfortunately, the problem with the drain can be caused not only by clogs. Technical failures, such as a faulty drain pump or its components, control unit, water level sensor, etc. are not excluded.

If y ... Read more »

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Washing machine control board repair

What is a control board? What does it do? What are the signs that the washing machine control board needs to be repaired? Why does the electronic unit fail?

Automatic washing machines of the new generation are equipped with a large number of all kinds of sensors, nodes, units and parts, which makes their repair relatively expensive, of course, depending on the degree of damage to one or another part. If the replacement of the heating element, control buttons and the hatch door can be repaired without much difficulty, the repair of the control board of the washing machine requires certain skills and technical knowledge. Also, the issue of troubleshooting requires from the master attention, extensive experience and hundred-percent knowledge of his case. Speaking of the control board, it should be mentioned that this component is subject to malfunction for a number of reasons, as it is particularly sensitive.

Causes of contro ... Read more »

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Repair of washing machines at home

Repair of washing machines at home - the only way to restore the performance of your "assistant" for laundry. After all, if the equipment suddenly broke down, and the laundry basket is overflowing, you just get lost, not knowing what to do. In addition, if there is a small child in the house, the breakdown of the "washing machine" is an emergency that requires urgent action.

 Quality repair of washing machines at home.Such a measure can be a call for a professional, known as a master. Today, it is very easy to make a request for the departure of such a specialist, if you have at hand the Internet or phone. Call a master as soon as you discover a problem with the washing machine. Describe the symptoms of your machine, an experienced specialist may be able to suggest over the phone what kind of repair is needed in your case. On the basis of the information received, the master will prepare all the necessary to ... Read more »

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Washing machine diagnostics

Why is a professional diagnosis of the washing machine so important before starting repairs? What is diagnosis and under what conditions is it carried out? How to determine the malfunction yourself, without resorting to the services of a specialist? 

Washing machines, as well as any other household appliances, refers to complexly arranged electrical appliances, which complicates the repair process in case of any malfunction. This is due to its complex structure and equipment with additional functions. It is not always possible to determine visually a breakdown of a particular node and identify the accompanying problems, and the operation of faulty equipment over time can lead to its complete disrepair. That is why professional diagnostics of the washing machine just before the repair is a very important stage before the service. This procedure allows you to identify all the problems, hidden defects and worn parts that need to be repla ... Read more »

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Replacing the seal in the refrigerator

Did warm air get inside the refrigerator? So, you need to replace the seal in the refrigerator! We are ready to provide you with the services of professional masters in the shortest possible time.

Replacing the seal in the refrigerator at home. The rubber door seal is necessary to ensure the tightness of the refrigerator chambers and prevent warm air from entering from outside. During operation, the doors are opened thousands of times, which causes wear of the rubber cuff. When the seal is loosely attached to the housing, an increased temperature in one or both chambers, icing of the evaporator, and constant accumulation of snow cover can be observed. Cooling deteriorates, and the compressor starts to work continuously or with short intervals of time for a break. In order to replace the refrigerator seal, you will need a minimal set of tools, as well as an original or universal cuff. The process itself is quite simple, and if yo ... Read more »

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