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Any, even an ultra-quiet refrigerator, makes sounds during operation - this is normal. But if the calm buzz of the refrigeration unit pacifies, then a sharp knock, clicks and hum are annoying and alarming. The article describes the nature of extraneous sounds, and why they can appear even in a new refrigerator.

1. The first and most common cause of failure, in which there is a characteristic tapping when the refrigerator is turned on and off, is that the casing of the linear compressor and the frames touch each other during the start of the electric drive. This could appear due to the fact that you may have moved the device from place to place, touched and bent the frame. Bending the frame back is not recommended. To eliminate this breakdown, you yourself need to carefully examine the back wall of the refrigerator and find the place of contact between the frame and the casing, then simply place a small piece of foam rubber in that place. If you can’t find the place of the malfunction or for some other reason there is no way to fix the breakdown yourself, contact us at Refrigerator Repair, our specialists will quickly diagnose and repair refrigeration equipment at home with high quality.

2. Another reason may be that individual parts of the refrigerator have come off their mounting points. To eliminate this malfunction, first you need to find a loose fastener, set the refrigerator strictly horizontally in a stable position by adjusting the set screws and using adjustable legs.

  3. The next reason for knocking may be damage to the case, when individual elements of the refrigerator's structure beat against each other. This can occur when your refrigerator has been working for a long time and the fasteners of the body parts of the device have untwisted or simply loosened. To solve this problem, you need to restore the rigidity of the body of the device.

4. The fourth reason is the vibration of the condenser radiator pipe. A rather rare malfunction in practice. To eliminate it, it is necessary to restore or tighten the mount on the capacitor.

5. The fifth reason may be a malfunction of the fan. Only replacement will help here. This is where you will most likely need professional help.

If the new refrigerator knocks

If you just purchased a refrigerator, and it started knocking after turning it on, first of all check the correctness of its installation: the distance from the walls, as well as the adjustment of the legs.

Everything is fine? Alas, then, most likely, we are talking about the knock of the motor-compressor. It is possible that during transportation one of the buffer springs that hold the compressor rotor flew off. In this case, repair is not possible: a motor replacement is required. Therefore, it is better to contact the manufacturer for a warranty.

All malfunctions require immediate repair and intervention of the master.

What else to check:

1. If there is an extraneous sound, check if the shelves and partitions are located correctly in the chamber.

2. Whether jars, pans or other utensils are in contact with each other, which could cause knocking during operation.

3. Whether the refrigerator is level. When installing, a slight deviation back is allowed. If the equipment is not positioned correctly, you need to adjust the legs.

How to prevent breakage

To avoid problems with refrigeration equipment, the occurrence of noise and knocks, follow the operating rules.

1) Do not overload the chamber shelves with products.

2) Do not clutter up the top of the refrigerator with foreign objects.

3) Do not keep the door open for a long time. If you have a drip defrost system, make sure that the refrigerator defrosts on time.

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