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Why does the refrigerator beep even when the door is closed?

In modern models, an alarm is provided when the door is open. It works if the refrigerator is open for a long time. But if the squeak occurs when the door is closed, something is wrong.

So, why does the refrigerator whistle (squeak):

The door is not tightly closed. Perhaps food or utensils from the inside interfere with a snug fit.
Too hot food loaded. For example, they cooked soup or stewed a roast, and, without waiting for the dishes to cool, put them in the refrigerator. Because of this, the temperature rises sharply in the chamber, the sensor recognizes this as an open door and notifies with a corresponding signal. It is strictly forbidden to put uncooled dishes in the refrigerator. Of course, situations are different. For example, you need to cook food for the whole family, and then immediately go to work - wait until everything cools down once, and without a refrigerator everything will ... Read more »

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It can be very frustrating to open the refrigerator in the morning and find that the bottle of milk you put in there yesterday is now frozen. Your first impression may be that the milk has expired, but when you look at your soda bottles, vegetables, fruits, and other items, it's easy to see that they look frozen too. Not only can this make you spend more on groceries, but it is also a sure sign that something is wrong with your refrigerator. Here are 5 reasons why your appliance may freeze everything.

1. You have set the thermostat too high

The thermostat on the refrigerator is easy to move and can be accidentally turned on when you load food or take food out of the refrigerator. You may have turned on the thermostat on purpose if you felt that the refrigerator was not cool enough. Most refrigerators have a mark on the thermostat knob, but this fades over time. This means that there is no longer a way to ... Read more »

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Reasons why your fruits, vegetables and dairy products go bad in the fridge

In fact, no food product benefits from storage. Food is most beneficial when consumed fresh. But it is impossible to eat everything at once, as soon as it is cooked. Food spoils at room temperature due to bacterial growth. So to keep food fresh for a longer period, the refrigerator is the safest place. Inside the refrigerator, the temperature is much lower than room temperature, which limits the growth of bacteria. But a refrigerator can only be useful if food is stored properly.

We usually complain that our refrigerator is not cooling or not working properly and food spoils due to compressor related issues. But have we ever checked if we are storing food in the right place in our refrigerator?

Below are some tips for you:

Understand what foods go where in the fridge

Dairy products such as milk, cottage cheese and cheese should be stored in a cool place. So place them ... Read more »

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10 Reasons My Refrigerator Isn't Cooling

If you open the refrigerator and find sour milk or warm wine, it should be obvious that your refrigerator is not cooling well enough. The problem is not just irritation and odours; it's a health problem. Listeria and other foodborne pathogens, along with mold, can thrive in refrigerators that are not cool enough.

In many cases, there is no need to rush and buy a new refrigerator. While you may have to end up calling a wizard to repair some devices, other fixes are easy to perform and don't require special tools or knowledge.

Listed below are ten obvious reasons why your refrigerator is not cooling and what to do about them.

1.Temperature control set incorrectly

Resetting the temperature control is often the first and easiest solution for a refrigerator that is not cooling enough. If you have children in your home, they are sometimes the culprit in temperature changes, especially if th ... Read more »

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Where is the coldest place in the refrigerator

The quality and taste characteristics of products used for cooking largely depend on compliance with storage conditions. In order to prolong the freshness of food and preserve their taste, it is important to place them correctly in the refrigerator. To do this, you need to know about the temperature distribution inside, namely where in the refrigerator is it colder or warmer at the top or bottom?

The study of the issue should be taken carefully. Many users, not knowing the rules of storage and temperature distribution, place products incorrectly. This, in turn, not only affects the characteristics of stored vegetables, fruits, semi-finished products, meat and other products, but can also create an additional load on the refrigerator, which can affect its operation and cause damage.

What determines the temperature distribution

It is widely believed among users that the lowest shelf is the coldest, s ... Read more »

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How to defrost and maintain a freezer

Freezer defrosting and maintenance is one of those household tasks that is not usually considered, but maintenance is essential. Freezers tend to be overstocked with food and should be checked and adjusted regularly. A clean and well-maintained freezer will keep it running smoothly, save food, and reduce energy bills.

How often should the freezer be defrosted?

To maintain the effectiveness of a manual defrost freezer, it should be defrosted every time a quarter of an inch of ice forms on its interior walls. Many people defrost their freezers once a year, but you may find that you need to do this more or less depending on your usage habits. To increase the time between defrosts, try to minimize the amount of time you have the door open. Keeping a freezer inventory list on the door makes it easy to see what you have without having to dig through the freezer.

1. Turn off the freezer

Turn of ... Read more »

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