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Water in the fridge

Water in the fridge

“The appearance of water in the refrigerator may indicate a blockage in the drainage system. If it is not eliminated in time, the vital systems of the apparatus may suffer! We will tell you why water appears in the refrigerator and methods for eliminating blockage in the refrigerator. If necessary, you can contact our service for help at any time!

Refrigerator drain blockage

Water appears in the refrigerator for a reason. This directly indicates a malfunction or the cause is a blockage in the melt water drain system. If at one fine moment you notice that water has appeared in the chamber, you need to think about calling a professional craftsman to your house, who will be able to eliminate the blockage in the refrigerator in the shortest possible time efficiently and inexpensively. In order to correctly diagnose the cause of the malfunction, as a result of which there is an accumulation of water in the compartment, you need to take into account the principle of defrosting your particular model of household appliance. The fact is that modern units can be divided into two types. The first - with the installation of a weeping evaporator, the second - refrigerators with the No-Frost system. However, the methods of dealing with blockage for both types are absolutely identical.

Blockage in No-Frost refrigerators and with a crying evaporator
Models with a weeping evaporator usually have two separate compartments: a refrigerator and a freezer. Each of them has its own evaporator and work independently of each other. In the refrigerator compartment, this component is smaller, because the operating temperature in it must be positive. The freezer is designed for rapid cooling and freezing, so the compartment itself is relatively smaller in capacity, and the evaporator is more powerful, which allows you to quickly lower the temperature inside.

The principle of operation of the evaporator is to condense warm air, which turns into water crystals. The crystals settle on the evaporator, completely covering it. Further, the evaporator is defrosted due to the automatic activation of the evaporator heating element. Drops of water flow through the evaporator into a special hole, then through the drainage tube they enter a special tank and, under the influence of high temperature, turn into steam. Thus, the cycle can be called closed and continuous. If water appears in the refrigerator, it means that the melt water drainage system is clogged, and the blockage must be urgently eliminated. Blockage of the drain tube or hole located on the lower tier of the weeping evaporator, for the most part, occurs due to the ingress of various crumbs, food debris, small particles of packaging film, etc. into the system. The situation is not critical, but requires care and skill.

So, to independently clean the drain system, you can use a syringe or a large rubber bulb. To do this, draw warm water, insert the tip into the hole at the bottom of the evaporator and press the bulb or syringe with force. Under the influence of pressure and warm water, the blockage will push further along the nozzles and end up in a special tray. You may need to repeat the procedure several times. If the blockage cannot be cleared, try taking a soft wire and pushing it along the entire length of the drain tube. If the drain hole itself is clogged, try to pierce it with a cotton swab or a cocktail tube. And yet, if your efforts are unsuccessful, do not despair - call our master, who will promptly eliminate the blockage, and this repair of refrigerators at home will not be very expensive.

Removing a blockage in a No-Frost refrigerator is a very simple procedure. You can clean the drain tube using the same methods as in refrigerators with a crying evaporator.

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