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Refrigerator Diagnostics

Refrigerator Diagnostics

“How do you diagnose a refrigerator with your own hands? Why professional diagnostics is the best solution? How to recognize a malfunction of a household appliance? We offer not only repair of refrigerators of any complexity, but also preventive diagnostics of malfunctions.

Often there are situations when household appliances fail. This happens especially often with large-sized devices equipped with a large number of electronic sensors and other components, on which the working condition directly depends. Unfortunately, it is not always possible to establish the exact cause of a breakdown based on existing signs. This is due to the fact that many signs are indirect or applicable to several faults at the same time. Hence, there is a need for detailed diagnostics before proceeding directly to the repair. It should be borne in mind that diagnosing a refrigerator is a very difficult procedure and requires the necessary knowledge, taking into account the characteristics of a particular unit. This work should be entrusted only to an experienced qualified master of his craft. An incorrectly made “diagnosis” can paralyze the operation of undamaged components, which means that the subsequent repair of refrigerators at home can increase significantly in price. An experienced specialist will be able to identify all violations in the work, identify incorrectly functioning components, as well as defective parts that need to be replaced. This is the essence of professional diagnostics. Thanks to this, you can save a lot of your own time and money.

Our company offers its clients high-quality and inexpensive repair. When ordering it, the diagnostics of the refrigerator is free of charge, as well as competent advice on the further operation of the equipment to extend its service life and uninterrupted operation.

In our practice, it happened that the incorrect operation of a household appliance was not associated with any breakdown, but was caused by improper use and carelessness of the user. In such cases, you do not even need to call the master at home. We suggest that you familiarize yourself with some information for self-diagnosis and troubleshooting.

Do-it-yourself refrigerator diagnostics
(signs, causes, remedies)

The temperature in the chambers is increased or there is no cooling at all

Refrigerator losing cold

1 - First of all, pay attention to the power cord. It is likely that it is not plugged into the outlet or is damaged.

2 - Check if there is light in the room, and if the meter plugs are not knocked out.

3 - Check that the temperature setting is correctly adjusted.

4 - The refrigerator is installed near heating appliances or is exposed to direct sunlight.

5 - The chambers are overloaded with food or the cold air outlets are blocked by dishes.

If you find any of these factors, they must be eliminated. Connect the cord, change the machines, turn the temperature control to the desired value, move the refrigerator away from radiators and other heaters, remove some of the food and load the chambers gradually. This will help solve your problem if there are no problems from a technical point of view. If the recommendations did not give a positive result, then diagnostics of the refrigerator at home is required, followed by professional repairs.

Bad smell in refrigerator compartment

The refrigerator smells bad. How to get rid of the smell in the refrigerator

1 - If the smell does not resemble melting plastic, and there is no smoke, then the cause is improper storage of products. Some of them have a persistent smell (fish, peeled onions, spices, sour milk, etc.) so they must be stored in a closed package.

2 - Reproduction of pathogenic bacteria that live on contaminated surfaces. Most often they multiply on sealing rubber.

To get rid of the smell, you need to defrost the refrigerator and rinse it thoroughly with a soda or vinegar solution, then ventilate it well and let it dry. Remove any spoiled food from the chamber, and pack the others tightly or place them in containers with lids.

The appearance of frost inside the refrigerator compartment, freezing of ice on vegetables and fruits

A block is freezing on the wall of the refrigerator

1 - Prevention of cold air from entering through the holes (for models No Frost). For example, blocking openings with large dishes, packages, etc.

Diagnostics of the refrigerator with the opening of the system 1200 rub. Free diagnostics for repairs
2- Penetration of warm air into the chamber due to damage, deformation of the seal or loose closing of the door.

3 - Storage of vegetables and fruits in the Chef Zone.

Make sure that air flows freely into the refrigerator compartment and the openings are not blocked. Check the seal for breaks or damage. Install the refrigerator in the correct position if the door does not close properly. Fruits and vegetables cannot be stored in the Chef Zone. It is designed to store fish and meat.

The appearance of water in the chambers or drops of water on the walls of the compartment

water accumulates in the refrigerator under the drawers

1 - Incorrect position of the thermostat.

2 - Blockage of the melt water drain system

3 - Loosely closed door.

The appearance of moisture does not always indicate technical problems with equipment. First of all, check that the temperature switch is correctly positioned at the desired value and make sure that the door closes tightly. Also, pay attention to the integrity of the rubber cuff.

We tried to tell you about those problems that you can independently diagnose based on some signs. Faults relating to internal components should only be trusted by professional craftsmen who have the necessary equipment and testers in their arsenal to diagnose the refrigerator. Only high-quality manipulations can guarantee you a good result.

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