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Freezer repair

How to determine if there is a problem and understand if your freezer needs repair? What signs are characteristic for these or those breakages? Order freezer repair in our service - it is not only fast and qualitative, but also very profitable! Low prices, discounts and guarantees!

Every refrigerator is equipped with a built-in freezer the only difference is its volume. The greater the total capacity of the unit, the greater the useful volume of its freezer. Also on the market are free-standing household and industrial freezers, chest freezers and entire cabinets. Any malfunction of these units should alert the user and force to react in time, so that the breakdown did not affect some important nodes. Otherwise, the repair of freezers can become several times more expensive, depending on the nature of the malfunction.

Type of failure 

Possible causes and symptoms

Refrigerant (Freon) leakage    

Freon is a gas that is used in refrigeration and freezing systems to lower temperature levels. Freon leakage can occur due to depressurization of the cooling system, due to damage to the capillary tube, its corrosion, or mechanical damage. Also, not infrequently the cause of leakage is a puncture of evaporator, when the user tries to scrape off the snow cover from the evaporator with a sharp metal object. At the same time the temperature in the freezer can increase while the compressor is running. Most often, it starts to turn on more often than usual and for a longer time. To fix the problem you need to find the place of the leak, drain the cooling system, seal the place of damage and refill a new batch of freon. In this case it is not recommended to repair the freezer with your own hands.

Malfunction or breakage of the compressor

The motor is one of the very important units in freezers and refrigerators. Without it, the cooling system will not create the necessary pressure to pump freon. Evidence of malfunction can be a situation when the compressor begins to turn on and off uncontrollably. It works for several seconds and with small interruptions, or does not switch on at all. This malfunction may be due to wear and tear of its components, burnout of the winding, motor brushes or valves. Often the fault of his breakdown become sharp surges in voltage, which put it out of operation, affect the integrity of the electrical circuit, etc. Only an experienced technician who knows how the unit is built, and who has the right tools at his disposal for testing and subsequent repair, can help solve the problem.

Broken temperature or air sensor    

These sensors are mainly used in modern models with electronic control. These components record the temperature condition inside the freezer and send a signal to the control board during rising values. Then, the control board gives a signal to the starting relay, which in turn starts the compressor. This is how cycle after cycle takes place. If the temperature sensor fails, the compressor may not turn on at all, the evaporator starts to defrost, and a puddle of water forms inside the chamber. To eliminate the problem it is necessary to replace the sensor, after first carrying out a diagnosis. Diagnostics is necessary in order to establish the real reason of malfunction, because such "behavior" of the freezing chamber can be a sign of some other breakdowns. Thus, the repair of refrigerator freezers will be more qualitative and durable.

Control board failure

If you notice that the freezer has stopped cooling, the compressor does not turn on, or works intermittently, the indicators glow red, probably the control board has failed, or its board needs firmware. All processes are controlled by this block, so the normal operation of the unit becomes impossible. Practice shows that troubleshooting in this case depends on the features of this or that model, as well as on the technical condition at the time of inspection. May be you just need to update the software, or maybe the diagnosis will show that you need a complete replacement of the control board.

Seal wear and tear     

The rubber gasket seals the chamber and prevents warm air from getting inside. During operation, this component loses its properties, begins to crack or stretch, which leads to a loose fit of the door. For this reason, an increased formation of a snow coat inside the chamber, temperature failures, longer cycle of the compressor, due to which the vital components fail. In order to avoid breakage and subsequent repair of freezers, it is necessary to replace the seal yourself or contact our service department.

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