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Filling the refrigerator

Filling the refrigerator

“Refilling the refrigerator with freon is a very difficult and responsible job, so it is not recommended to do it yourself. The best option is to seek professional help from our company, and we will definitely do our best! If you want to perform the procedure yourself, then we suggest that you familiarize yourself with the technological process "

Any refrigeration units, however, like air conditioners, are filled with a certain amount of gas - freon, which is closely interconnected with the pipe system and other units of the unit. This allows refrigerators to produce cold, in other words, it helps to lower the temperature in the chambers. Lack or excess of freon leads to a deterioration in the performance of cold, and in the event of a leak, the refrigerator may even break down. This will lead to the fact that urgent repairs of refrigerators may be required. In the case of a decrease in the volume of gas, it begins to overheat, which inevitably leads to an increase in the temperature in the chambers due to the cessation of freezing of the evaporator. In addition, freon leakage helps to reduce the pressure in the condenser, the heat intake becomes less intense, but the load on the compressor increases significantly, which leads to greater energy consumption.

Signs and searches for a freon leak
When freon completely leaves the cooling system due to cracks in the pipes, or a puncture of the evaporator, the compressor starts to idle. In this case, the noise level will be significantly reduced when the motor is turned on, which should already alert the user. Gradually, the temperature regime will approach a positive value, or rather, it will accept the same temperature conditions as the environment. That is why refueling the refrigerator must take place in accordance with all the rules and in accordance with safety measures. In the event of such a problem, it is necessary to pay attention to the internal surfaces of the chambers, inspect all areas for oil leaks and deformations. Freon leaks can be caused by:

- microcracks in the cooling system and pipeline corrosion;

- poor connection of tubes;

- deformation of the tubes or their kink in some areas;

- mechanical damage due to careless handling;

Oily spots on various parts may indicate a leak. They enter the pipe system directly from the motor, and corrosion processes indicate that moisture has entered the metal pipes.

Flux can be used to fix a gas leak on an aluminum evaporator. In this case, in the soldering process, it is necessary to use solder, which has an aluminum base. It must be recalled that the flux can react with the refrigerant itself. Be extremely careful and attentive in order to avoid unpleasant consequences. The procedure must be carried out with the help of professional tools, so self-refueling refrigerators at home is highly undesirable.

Sealing the joints of copper-aluminum pipes requires certain conditions and technical capabilities. If it is impossible to carry out such work, it is better to give the faulty household appliance to a service center for a quality repair.

Technological process

We will promptly fill the refrigerator at home. Freon leakage can occur due to poor-quality sealing of joints, mechanical damage to the joints of aluminum and copper pipes, the formation of cracks or pores. If these factors are the cause, then during the repair they resort to the soldering method using the desired solder. In some cases, as a result of a leak, there may be a loose connection between the fitting and the compressor, which can be corrected without resorting to repair. It is enough to fix the connection and fill the refrigerator with freon. After the malfunction has been eliminated, all components and systems should be checked for leaks, otherwise the leak may occur again.

When the refrigerator is refilled, the price for which in our service is much lower than the market price, the first step is to remove all the moisture that could condense on the nozzles. To do this, the master fills the cooling system with a small amount of refrigerant. It's about 30 grams. Then the gas is released. The procedure must be performed several times. During the repetition, the compressor must run for at least 5 minutes, and after it is turned off, the refrigerant must be left in the system for 2-3 minutes. With this method of removing moisture from the system, air must not be allowed to enter. If the technology is observed and carried out professionally, then again there should be no problems with cooling.

Identification of leaks is an important step. To do this, you need to visually inspect the refrigerator while the compressor is running or check the system of the device using a special device. To replace the refrigerant in domestic refrigerators, as a rule, cylinders of 2-3 kg are used. This volume is quite enough to eliminate freon leakage at home.

Only a specialist can determine exactly what amount of gas for refueling or refueling is needed in each specific case, so you should not neglect professional help and try to fix the problem on your own. In addition, not every user has special tools and equipment, as well as the gas that fills the cooling system.

Before replacing freon, the master must completely drain the system without fail, otherwise some problems may arise:

- freezing of the remaining moisture;

- malfunction of the valves of the motor-compressor;

- short circuit of the motor winding;

Filling the refrigerator with freon is carried out as follows:

1 - connect the cylinder to the fitting using a special tip (needle), while the compressor must work actively to ensure the necessary pressure and gas circulation throughout the cooling system;

2 - refueling should be carried out in small volumes, and the excess amount should be removed;

3 - after the completion of the procedure, it is necessary to check the tightness of the entire system, as well as to make sure that there are no relapses;

If a leak is found during testing, it is necessary to re-diagnose, eliminate the leak by sealing and repeat the procedure again from beginning to end. This is a very important point, because, with relapses, the malfunction will again make itself felt.

If you want to receive a quality service, you are looking for a reliable and competent contractor who will be able to refuel the refrigerator with freon at home, then immediately call our workshop. We will try our best to fix the problem as soon as possible and extend the life of your refrigerator.

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