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What brands of refrigerators break down most often?

What brands of refrigerators break down most often?

The service life of the refrigerator depends on the quality of assembly, parts, materials and operating conditions. And if the last factor can be controlled, then the rest depends only on the manufacturer. A leather company allows a small part of the product to be defective, so a lot is also determined by luck. A particular instance may break due to an initial defect.

To protect yourself from factory defects as much as possible, you should prefer refrigerators assembled in European and some Asian countries.


The planned failure of equipment after a certain service life is a common practice among global manufacturers. Every major company has specialists who are looking for ways to limit the life of the equipment without compromising its reliability during the warranty period.

A key feature of programmable demolition is that it would be unprofitable to repair equipment after a failure. Usually the most expensive part fails, and the repair of the refrigeration unit costs 50% of the cost of a new refrigerator (more modern, with a factory warranty and other advantages). In the post-Soviet space (for example, in the Belarusian "Atlantes") the programmable technology of the program is not used.


In modern technology, mechanical parts are consistently less reliable than electronic counterparts with fewer moving parts. A mechanical thermostat breaks more often than an electronic module. Fortunately, this assembly is relatively easy to repair, so most craftsmen have a more favorable view of the mechanics. The electronic module fails less often, but the repair will cost significantly more, since in most cases replacement is required.


The presence of a certain manufacturer near the service center (not a distribution network, but the manufacturer) is one of the most important factors when choosing a refrigerator. If the service has been running for a long time, then they have a good stock of parts, even if the model has long been discontinued and the warranty service has been terminated.

A model in which most of the shelves are not made of plastic should be preferred. Even the highest quality polymers have cold brittleness, which is why they crack and crumble over time. And even in expensive refrigerators, then containers begin to crack and handles break off.


Asking repairmen which brands of refrigerators break less is pointless. They can tell you which models are easier to repair, which parts are easier to find. But they do not have complete statistics regarding the prevalence of specific brands of equipment.

Let's do a thought experiment:

- Suppose there are 10,000 brand A refrigerators and 1,000 brand B refrigerators in a city.

- For a certain period, 1% of the units of the first brand and 5% of the second break down.

- 100 refrigerators of brand A and 50 refrigerators of brand B, respectively, fall into the repair.

What brand will the repairman subjectively perceive as less reliable? If both are famous and popular enough, everyone will answer you that brand A breaks more often.


Choose models with two (or more) compressors to allow less than a year of stained glass for defrosting, which goes to the cold in the refrigerator. A little harder to move the motor of the subdvіyny set, it’s better to get out of tune, and then it’s a risk, that the stench of the offense “snacks” at once through the strain gauge in the electric circuit. At such a time, the repair will be delayed by half the refrigerator’s capacity, and it will be easier to buy a new one, but not a guarantee.

Remember that the term for the service of the refrigerator should lie in the minds of exploitation. І for a short period of time, get the road model from a wired picker to get out of harm's way.

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