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Life for us seems absolutely brutal without gadgets and machines. Just imagine a day when you would not be able to use any of them. Does life seem possible at all? it does no and that is why you need to maintain them on a regular basis so that they can serve you better and for a very long time. But they are machines after all and can stop functioning due to a variety of reasons like over exhaustion and such like. If your dryer goes out of order all of a sudden, there is no need for you to panic. A registered professional will be able to provide you with a solution no matter how big the problem is. If you are looking for a reliable and an efficient professional who has the expertise in dryer repair, All Manhattan appliance repair provides superior quality services at affordable costs.

  • Belts replacement
  • Timer replacement
  • Start relays replacement
  • All thermostat replacement
  • Ignition replacement
  • Coils replacement
  • Safety device replacement,
  • Limits replacement
  • Motor pulley replacement
  • Springs replacement


Dryer repair

Modern home appliances greatly facilitate household chores and save time for the owners. A household dryer is a type of home appliance that simplifies the care of linen and clothes. In the event of a breakdown, it is necessary to repair the dryer at home with the involvement of a specialized specialist. The service center provides services such as installation and connection of the dryer, repair of the dryer.

Technical features of dryers

Depending on the method of moisture removal, dryers are ventilation and condensation. In ventilation devices, moisture is removed through special hoses connected to ventilation communications or simply brought out. Machines with a condensing system are equipped with liquid collection containers.

Modern drying machines are equipped with heat pumps. By design, such a pump is similar to a compressor that is installed in conventional refrigerators. The heat released during the condensation process is returned to the heating element. This allows you to save energy. If such a dryer fails, it should be repaired only by specialized specialists.

Contact our service center - we will repair the dryer inexpensively and with a quality guarantee!

Installation and connection of the dryer, repair of the dryer at home, as well as maintenance of the repaired equipment. We provide a technical quality guarantee for all types of work.

The condensing dryer is installed by our specialists in any place that is most convenient for the customer. To connect such a machine, only the mains is needed. Installation of a ventilation type dryer involves laying an air duct to the ventilation system or to the outside.

Typical malfunctions of dryers
Our masters have identified a list of breakdowns that are most common in practice.

Here they are:

• Power indication is present, but the machine does not operate in any mode. The reason for this may be a wiring fault, failure of the control module, or blown mains fuse.

• After a complete work cycle, the laundry is not dry enough. The reason is a malfunction of the heating element or the heat pump.

• Broken drive belt. There is an indication of the working process, but the drum is not spinning.

The specialists of the service center carry out the repair of dryers quickly and efficiently, and in their work they use components from the best manufacturers. Our team consists of craftsmen who repair electronic circuit boards at a high professional level. Many years of experience in this segment of services allows us to guarantee high quality for all types of work!