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 your washer displays an error code, there are some actions that might correct it.


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Any owner would agree that dishwashers and washing machines greatly facilitate our lives. But what if one of them is clogged and the water does not go down the drain? The most important thing - do not panic and try to pinpoint the cause that led to the problem.

Dishwashers, as well as washing machines, have an inlet valve for pumping clean water from the tap. However, in the first case, its design is a little bit easier: it single.
After filling the water tank The received liquid is heated or immediately due to electric pumps is fed to the rocker for washing dishes. Jets for bathing cutlery dishwasher directed at different angles, which ensures high quality washing. Household washing devices such a function, of course, to anything.

For many housewives dishwasher has become an effective means of daily routine
The water then falls into the lower part of the cover, is filtered using two different types of filters, and then prepared for the next production cy ... Read more »

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Household Appliances in a diverse range fills the life of every modern man. There are tools without which you can easily do, even though they make our lives easier, but there are those devices that can not live without. It's about the refrigerator - unit, which is in every house, and every failure which upset host.

Few people know that the refrigerator can be repaired without a service call. During the time that refrigerators live in our house, many masters have accumulated successful experience in eliminating the most common problems that occur during operation.

Of course, before you start the repair, it is necessary to understand how the appliance. The most important thing in the fridge - it is the unit that produces cold. Production of cold in the chamber is carried out by three main components, which are interconnected pipeline system: evaporator, compressor and condenser. Inside the closed-loop system is hladogeneriruyuschy gas. However, in the modern househ ... Read more »

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E1 - exceeded the water supply, or its limitation, a weak pressure.

It is necessary to check the presence of cold water and pressure in the water.

E2 - Fault drain. Water is not emptied until the end, or an error occurred in the water level sensor. Check whether the drain remains clogged food, clean it if necessary.

E3 - Maximizing heating elements, obtaining optimum water temperature does not occur.

E4 - The flow of water or overflow. The outflow of water or excessive water flow. Cause of occurrence - Gulf valve malfunction, or water level sensor.

E5 - Weak water pressure. Low water in the dishwasher or defective level sensor generations.

E6 - temperature sensor fault. Breakage or short circuit.

E7 - Malfunction of the temperature sensor. Sensor fault or its disconnection.

E8 - Error operation alternate valve. You can not install «FLEX» function valve (FLEXIBLE WASH) in the desired position.

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OE - the water is not drained from the dishwasher

IE - water does not enter into the dishwasher

E1- works automatically drain the water from the machine chamber, possible leakage of water from the hose connections

FE - out the water, but the water supply is higher than the permissible level, can be a problem with the inlet valve

NOT - damaged water heating circuit

tE - may be faulty thermistor, in connection with which there is a high water temperature on the pitch

LE - may be faulty dishwasher engine

CE - there was a depressurization of the washing chamber takes place or one of the technical units.

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F01 - Error loading hatch. -The door is not properly closed, or something fell between the seal and the hatch.

F02 - No water comes into the drum

F03 - Water drains

F04 - Leaking tank on the pallet

F16 - charging port is not closed

F17 - The time limit for filling the tank with water exceeded. Unlike F02, water enters the tank, but very slowly.

F18 - The time limit for the water drain is exceeded. Unlike the F03, drain made, but very slowly.

F19 - Error when heated. - Washing is continued without heating the water.

F20 - The unauthorized incorporation of PETN.

The machine is switched off. It is necessary to contact with the master.

F21 - Error drive motor

F22 - Error temperature sensor

F23 - Activated mode "Aquastop" - Detected water leakage

F25 - Error Sensor Water Quality

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