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Error codes Bosch washer

F01 - Error loading hatch. -The door is not properly closed, or something fell between the seal and the hatch.

F02 - No water comes into the drum

F03 - Water drains

F04 - Leaking tank on the pallet

F16 - charging port is not closed

F17 - The time limit for filling the tank with water exceeded. Unlike F02, water enters the tank, but very slowly.

F18 - The time limit for the water drain is exceeded. Unlike the F03, drain made, but very slowly.

F19 - Error when heated. - Washing is continued without heating the water.

F20 - The unauthorized incorporation of PETN.

The machine is switched off. It is necessary to contact with the master.

F21 - Error drive motor

F22 - Error temperature sensor

F23 - Activated mode "Aquastop" - Detected water leakage

F25 - Error Sensor Water Quality

F26 - Pressure sensor error - The machine stops and blocks access to water. It is necessary to contact with the master.

F27 - The pressure sensor is not calibrated. - Most often, this means that the sensor is reset and it will work on any available stock.

F28 - Pressure sensor error in the survey systems.

F29 - Error stream - The work does not stop.

F31 - Water level error. Exceeding the maximum allowable value.

F34 - Error access door - Faulty locking mechanism

F36 - A mistake by the locking mechanism of the control circuit

F37 F38 - Defective temperature sensor

In the case of F38 - short circuit.

F40 - mains parameters do not correspond to normal values.

F42 - Engine speed exceeded the maximum allowable value.

F43 - No rotation of the drum

F44 - No engine speed to one side. Reversing error.

F59 - Error 3D sensor

F60 - Pressure incoming error. - Too high a pressure in the water network. It is possible to fix the valve partially closed.

F61 - Error door in the survey systems.

F63 - Error protection

F67 -Invalid card code

E02 - Faulty motor

E67 - Error basic module

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