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Repair of refrigerators

Household Appliances in a diverse range fills the life of every modern man. There are tools without which you can easily do, even though they make our lives easier, but there are those devices that can not live without. It's about the refrigerator - unit, which is in every house, and every failure which upset host.

Few people know that the refrigerator can be repaired without a service call. During the time that refrigerators live in our house, many masters have accumulated successful experience in eliminating the most common problems that occur during operation.

Of course, before you start the repair, it is necessary to understand how the appliance. The most important thing in the fridge - it is the unit that produces cold. Production of cold in the chamber is carried out by three main components, which are interconnected pipeline system: evaporator, compressor and condenser. Inside the closed-loop system is hladogeneriruyuschy gas. However, in the modern household appliances, as cooling is customary to use safer substances promoting development of cold.

Cooling occurs due to the walls of the refrigerator compressor, which by means of an electric motor pumps the refrigerant gas and a condenser with gas injection occurs. System radiator cools the gas and converts it to a liquid state and then returning it to the evaporator. As a consequence of the continuous cycle ensures constant evaporation.

In order to reduce power consumption and extend the life of the device, reduce the wear of the mechanical parts of the refrigeration unit, the unit is equipped with a large and massive door, which is protective (insulation) of the refrigerator chamber function of external influences. Compressor motor does not run continuously by a special system, which controls the switching on and off of the refrigerator, allowing maintain the desired temperature therein.

Temperature control within the appliance is carried out by a temperature switch that operates in the correct mode, constantly controlling the switching on and off of the compressor. This happens in those moments when the temperature inside the refrigerator drops or rises above the set parameters. Automatic mechanisms are designed to create a continuous cycle of operation.

The moment when the refrigerator generates cold compressor motor is moving at the nominal power, it passes through the main electric network the current supplied from the mains through the thermal relay, through closed contacts. At the same time the relay, including the function of "thawing", is in the closed contacts. As a result, the closed operating circuit is formed. The electricity consumed by a working fridge, equal to the nominal capacity, which can be found in the instructions or the data sheet.

By lowering the temperature inside the refrigerator is signaled to the relay and the contact opens, the compressor is switched off and the engine. Accordingly, the temperature increase involves contact closure and turning on the compressor.

Further there is the following: when running the compressor motor and the motor of the refrigerator does not rotate, there is a start-up run, at which time the amount of power consumed increases several times. On such change reaction gives the trigger switch, so that there is contact closure. When it was the closing of contacts, motor starter coil is connected to the electricity network, and after the start of rotation of the engine, the power consumption is lowered with the starting power to the rated power. It is worth noting that the start of the engine, in the refrigerator, which is OK, there is in seconds.

In turn, in case of breakage of the household appliance and the impossibility of starting the engine from the first time, it is heated bimetallic strip. The process lasts about 15 seconds, after which the plate opens and breaks the circuit. The subsequent current flow will be only after complete cooling plate and followed another attempt to start the engine. When failure happens open circuit again.

Thus, the refrigerator Automatic starts at the moment of launch.

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