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Error codes dishwashers Samsung

E1 - exceeded the water supply, or its limitation, a weak pressure.

It is necessary to check the presence of cold water and pressure in the water.

E2 - Fault drain. Water is not emptied until the end, or an error occurred in the water level sensor. Check whether the drain remains clogged food, clean it if necessary.

E3 - Maximizing heating elements, obtaining optimum water temperature does not occur.

E4 - The flow of water or overflow. The outflow of water or excessive water flow. Cause of occurrence - Gulf valve malfunction, or water level sensor.

E5 - Weak water pressure. Low water in the dishwasher or defective level sensor generations.

E6 - temperature sensor fault. Breakage or short circuit.

E7 - Malfunction of the temperature sensor. Sensor fault or its disconnection.

E8 - Error operation alternate valve. You can not install «FLEX» function valve (FLEXIBLE WASH) in the desired position.

E9 - defective operation of a button. In the case of holding the button 30 seconds. Possible cause of the problem - short-circuit, or sticking of a button.

EA - Violation of the water level sensor. The overabundance of water in the dishwasher, or a problem with the water pressure switching. Check the drain hose at the end of the wash cycle, clean the drain from the food remnants.

UC - Problems with stress. . In order to avoid a short circuit or malfunction of the machine is recommended to reset the washing program and wait for stable mains voltage.

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