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Dishwasher not leave water

Any owner would agree that dishwashers and washing machines greatly facilitate our lives. But what if one of them is clogged and the water does not go down the drain? The most important thing - do not panic and try to pinpoint the cause that led to the problem.

Dishwashers, as well as washing machines, have an inlet valve for pumping clean water from the tap. However, in the first case, its design is a little bit easier: it single.
After filling the water tank The received liquid is heated or immediately due to electric pumps is fed to the rocker for washing dishes. Jets for bathing cutlery dishwasher directed at different angles, which ensures high quality washing. Household washing devices such a function, of course, to anything.

For many housewives dishwasher has become an effective means of daily routine
The water then falls into the lower part of the cover, is filtered using two different types of filters, and then prepared for the next production cycle, going in a special tank. The liquid dishwasher that the system recognizes as unsuitable for further use, discharged into the sewer through the work of the drain pump.
And of course, you have to understand that nothing like washing devices are not required to do. There's all the waste water is considered to be dirty and not subject to filtering.
The entire work cycle tracks a special device - pressure switch.

Faults that eliminate their own hands will not work
It should be understood that some of the fault dishwashers and washing machines with their own hands to eliminate at home impossible. If you have already checked everything what is written above, you may need to call the repairman of household appliances.
Damage to the drain pump
In this case, only help replacement parts and replace the drain pump should be an experienced professional. Doing it yourself is extremely dangerous.
Problems with the water level sensor (pressure)
software module will not work correctly without actual data on the required pressure fluid. Need a replacement pressure switch, and such an operation is better to entrust an experienced master of the specialized companies.
Faulty software module
It is clear that in fact we are talking about the "brains" of the household appliance, without which no normal work do not wait. It may help regular flashing, but sometimes have no choice but to replace the broken parts with new one.
Remember that for any independent action, you risk losing the warranty from the manufacturer of your washing or erasing the device. The Council is one: to start repairs on their hands only if you believe in its successful completion.

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