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Reliability - property of an object to keep in time within the established values ​​of the parameters characterizing the ability to perform the required functions in the set modes and conditions of use, maintenance, storage and transport [1].

Intuitively, the reliability of objects associated with the failures of inadmissibility. It is the understanding of grade in the "narrow" sense - object property to maintain a usable state for a certain time or a certain operating time. In other words, the reliability of the object lies in the absence of unforeseen harmful changes its quality in service and storage. Reliability is closely related to the various parties operating process. Reliability in the "broad" sense - comprehensive property, which depending on the target object and its operating conditions can include properties of reliability, durability, maintainability and retentivity as well as a certain combination of these properties.

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Maintainability - object property, adaptability to maintain and restore a healthy state by maintenance and repair.

A system allowing repair in the course of its operation, called recoverable. Some systems in fulfilling their functions for reasons of technical or economic conducting repairs not allowed. An example of a non-recoverable for technical reasons, the system is. For economic reasons, not reproducible, such as ball bearings, since by virtue of their production processability new product is significantly less repair and replacement set of mechanical working operations. There are products such as aircraft tires or vanes of gas turbine engines, recovery of which is technically and economically feasible, but is forbidden safety regulations.

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Any appliances that simply abound in modern apartments, is a complex electrical mechanism, whether it is a small coffee grinder or food processor serious. It is for this reason that over time, begin to appear failures in its work, wear different design elements. Also, the appearance of damage affects improper storage or operation. In the end, almost any device can fail at the most inopportune moment. That's just not necessary to be upset ahead of time, because most of the problems you can solve on their own, without even having recourse to the expertise required for their services is quite high fees.
To refuse the work of professional artists can not be only in two cases: the technique is under warranty or repair so serious that make it impossible with his own hands. In all other situations, you can safely repair of household appliances on their own, after analyzing the main reasons for their occurrence in certain equipment. For example, washing machines do not like very h ... Read more »

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Probably everyone at least once conceived as arranged and how the dryer machine. I want to talk a little bit and reveal a terrible secret.

To begin with how it works? The dryer is designed to remove residual moisture from the items after washing. The drying fabric is due to the thermal effects of a hot flow of heated air in the drum. The moisture condenses and is displayed in a special bin for collecting condensate. For uniform, things drying drum rotates continuously. In each of the drying machine incorporated programs for cotton items, synthetics, woolen goods and silk and light fabrics.

The structure of the dryer just to ugliness. There is a flow-through dryer which is actually responsible for heating. Engine that performs the rotation of the drum. Timing belt - transmits torque to the drum dryer. Condensate Pump Capacity (incidentally professional dryers are not automatic condensate pump. Here the remains of moisture in the form of steam output in the atmosphere ... Read more »

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The first phase of installation of the dishwasher - the acceptance device and deliverance from its packaging.

It all starts with a simple. Ordering a whirlpool machine through a delivery service, take your time in order to sign on its successful delivery when service staff will bring the unit to your home. In your presence, these people have to unpack "dishwasher", then you need to become thoroughly familiar with the outside of her view, to ensure the absence of any damage to the housing stock and component parts.

Having familiarized with the appearance of the dishwasher bosch 45 and making sure that it complies with a warranty, check the condition of the inner parts, lightly shaking the car. After hearing other sounds, such as the sound, the creak or rattle - you know, you have every right to refuse this instance due to the fault of the dishwasher and request a new one.

We must always remember that in any conflict situation Faults dishwashers exact ... Read more »

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