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Why does the refrigerator beep even when the door is closed?

Why does the refrigerator beep even when the door is closed?

In modern models, an alarm is provided when the door is open. It works if the refrigerator is open for a long time. But if the squeak occurs when the door is closed, something is wrong.

So, why does the refrigerator whistle (squeak):

The door is not tightly closed. Perhaps food or utensils from the inside interfere with a snug fit.
Too hot food loaded. For example, they cooked soup or stewed a roast, and, without waiting for the dishes to cool, put them in the refrigerator. Because of this, the temperature rises sharply in the chamber, the sensor recognizes this as an open door and notifies with a corresponding signal. It is strictly forbidden to put uncooled dishes in the refrigerator. Of course, situations are different. For example, you need to cook food for the whole family, and then immediately go to work - wait until everything cools down once, and without a refrigerator everything will be lost. But you need to find a way out of the situation. For example, ask to put the pots in the refrigerator later or not start cooking before leaving the house.
The squeak comes from ice in the freezer. Because of this, the temperature sensor reads incorrect data. The problem is solved by defrosting.
Also, the refrigerator may beep until it reaches the desired temperature. This happens when you first turn on, and also if there was a break in operation.
A power surge has occurred. Try the following: unplug the power cord, wait about 10 minutes, then plug the appliance back in.
If you follow all the recommendations for operation, and the device still beeps, most likely there has been a breakdown in the following nodes:

Loose fit of the seal or wear of the sealing rubber.
Indicator failure.
Malfunctions in the signal circuit of the indicator.
Problems in the door position indicator. In this case, even when the door is open, the light does not light up.
How to turn off the sound

Attention! Door open alarm is a safety option developed by manufacturers specifically to extend the life of the equipment and ensure stable operation. If you hear a squeak, at least you need to figure it out. You can turn off the sound if you are sure that there is no problem (for example, the device is gaining temperature).

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