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Washing machine control board repair

Washing machine control board repair

What is a control board? What does it do? What are the signs that the washing machine control board needs to be repaired? Why does the electronic unit fail?

Automatic washing machines of the new generation are equipped with a large number of all kinds of sensors, nodes, units and parts, which makes their repair relatively expensive, of course, depending on the degree of damage to one or another part. If the replacement of the heating element, control buttons and the hatch door can be repaired without much difficulty, the repair of the control board of the washing machine requires certain skills and technical knowledge. Also, the issue of troubleshooting requires from the master attention, extensive experience and hundred-percent knowledge of his case. Speaking of the control board, it should be mentioned that this component is subject to malfunction for a number of reasons, as it is particularly sensitive.

Causes of control board failure

There can be several reasons for the failure of the electronic unit. It all depends on the features of this device, the model of the washing machine and other parameters. We will consider the main ones.

Defective board.

As a rule, a factory defect is detected almost immediately. In the first month of use, malfunctions may appear, the indicators begin to blink chaotically or an error code is submitted to the display. If you suspect that the washing machine control board needs to be repaired, then you have every right to do it under warranty. Noticing a bad part is quite easy. If you remove it and pay attention to the tracks, they will flake off, in the area of the central chip, you may see puddles, dark spots on the board itself, and poor soldering of the contacts. All this indicates a defective part. It is worth noting that if you disassemble the washing machine yourself, you risk losing warranty service. So, do not rush to do the repair yourself.

Parameters of the electrical network do not match.    Inconsistency of voltage ratings, frequent surges in the network, sudden switching off and on electricity can lead to delicate electronics into disrepair. Simply put, it can burn out the tracks and contacts that cannot withstand such loads. To protect your equipment from this it is necessary to connect your device according to all the rules, as well as to use a protective device when connecting (RCD). Many service centers and sellers disclaim warranty service if there is a problem with the electronics precisely because of surges, so you should carefully read the terms of the warranty card.

Accompanying breakdowns or malfunctions.

Due to the close interconnection of all nodes, sensors and electronics, the control unit can break down due to the failure of one of the important components. For example, if you operate a household appliance that has a faulty water pressure or temperature sensor, over time the board may begin to malfunction, subsequently causing it to become completely unusable. As a result, a professional repair of the control board of the washing machine may be required.

Moisture ingress on the electronics.

Very often the manufacturer warns not to use the equipment in conditions of high humidity, and not to allow moisture to get inside the mechanisms. Some users neglect this, as a consequence, condensation may form on the board and its contacts short circuit. The tracks burn out. In this case it is necessary to clean the burnt area and solder. Also, the main microprocessor may suffer from moisture, that is why the repair of control board of washing machine Ariston is much more expensive than simple soldering or flashing of module and installation of new software. Be careful when transporting. Make sure there is no water left in the tank, then the electronic components will not be damaged in transit.

Other possible causes are excessive fouling, dust or mechanical impact. If the automatic protection against failure is triggered, you just need to remove the module, clean it thoroughly and return it to its place.

How do I know what's wrong?
Unfortunately, there are no direct signs of malfunction, and without special equipment and diagnostics to understand that the control board of the washing machine or other brand is required repair will be quite difficult. And yet, indirect signs are present.

The washing does not begin, the program does not start, the error code appears on the display;

In washing machines with mechanical control all the lights begin to glow simultaneously or flicker in a chaotic manner;

Machine fails to draw water, heat, drain, rinse or spin. Refuses to start one or more of the scheduled cycles. Washing cannot be completed.

Washing time has long been exhausted, but the drum does not stop spinning. The appliance does not switch to rinse mode.

Water is not heated or heated to boiling point. Steam begins to flow.

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