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Replacing the seal in the refrigerator

Replacing the seal in the refrigerator

Did warm air get inside the refrigerator? So, you need to replace the seal in the refrigerator! We are ready to provide you with the services of professional masters in the shortest possible time.

Replacing the seal in the refrigerator at home. The rubber door seal is necessary to ensure the tightness of the refrigerator chambers and prevent warm air from entering from outside. During operation, the doors are opened thousands of times, which causes wear of the rubber cuff. When the seal is loosely attached to the housing, an increased temperature in one or both chambers, icing of the evaporator, and constant accumulation of snow cover can be observed. Cooling deteriorates, and the compressor starts to work continuously or with short intervals of time for a break. In order to replace the refrigerator seal, you will need a minimal set of tools, as well as an original or universal cuff. The process itself is quite simple, and if you follow the replacement technology and follow some recommendations, you can quite successfully replace the seal in the refrigerator with your own hands.

When is it necessary to replace the seal in the refrigerator?
As mentioned above, the sealant ensures the tightness of the refrigerator and freezer. The fact is that during operation, its properties are lost. The material itself becomes brittle, may crack or shrink, which directly affects the quality of cooling and increases energy consumption. If you do not solve the problem in time, more important components and parts of the refrigerator may be damaged, and their repair in some cases may be an order of magnitude more expensive. To prevent this, you need to know when you need to urgently change a worn cuff.

The compressor began to work without being turned off for an order of magnitude longer, even in the cool season;

A layer of snow constantly forms on the walls and doors of the chambers, and defrosting does not give an effective result;

On the seal, there are clear signs of deformation or tearing along the perimeter of the door;

A puddle of melted water constantly forms inside the refrigerator and on the floor in front of it;

Inside the cameras, the temperature is elevated, even if the thermostat is set to the lowest values;

If several points fit your situation, then you need to pay attention to the tightness of the door to the body, and replace the seal in the refrigerator Electrolux, Atlant, Bosch or other brands.

Fastening methods

In different brands and models, the cuff is attached in different ways. To choose the most optimal for yourself and more durable, pay attention to which of them the old seal is attached to. In addition, after dismantling a worn component, it will be more convenient for you to choose a new one for replacement, based on the dimensions of the old one. You can buy a new part at any specialized store. There, they will help you choose both the original one that best suits your refrigerator, and a similar one, if your device is already outdated and it is problematic to choose a new element for it.

Glue is the most inexpensive and simple method of fastening. A rather short-lived option, because the glue has a polymer base and can gradually peel off due to frequent opening of the door. It is less resistant to low temperatures. This method of fastening is suitable for quick repairs for some time. Replacing the seal in a refrigerator with a grooved fastening

Grooving is a more convenient and practical method. It allows to achieve good tightness and is used in a wide variety of models, both modern and outdated. There is a special groove around the perimeter of the door, into which the seal is attached with a screwdriver or spatula. Great fixation is provided by the mounting foam, which does not allow the rubber element to pull out of the groove and firmly fixes it in place for a long time.

Screw - fastening with screws allows you to achieve a strong fixation, however, there is a high probability that replacing the seal in the refrigerator with screw fastening will damage the door itself. Used in old models. It has some drawbacks, and during the replacement, you will need to fiddle around a lot. In the case of repeated replacement with this method of fastening, it will be necessary to look for the places of the old holes, which is not very convenient and practical.

Replacing the seal in the refrigerator with your own hands
Before starting work, you need to get rid of the old, worn seal. To do this, use a screwdriver or a construction spatula. Lift one side of the seal, cut it and carefully pull it out of the grooves. It is best to start the procedure from the upper corner, going in one direction or the other. If the cuff is replaced on the door of the refrigerator compartment, for your own convenience it will be necessary to first remove it from the hinges and lay it on the floor.

After removing the cuff, it is necessary to treat the attachment points with an alcohol-based degreasing solution. Do not forget to clean the perimeter of the remains of the mounting foam and glue in any convenient way.

If you purchased the original cuff, it does not need to be modified. If you bought a similar element, it means that it will need to be adjusted to size and cut in the process. The cut places are glued with ordinary super glue.

If the groove of the groove needs additional cleaning, do it with a screwdriver or tweezers.

Stretch the new elastic around the entire perimeter of the door. Insert a screwdriver between the metal and plastic parts of the door and carefully fasten one of the corners in the groove. Then move along the entire contour of the sash. It is most convenient to start the procedure in the same way, from one of the corners.

Adjust the tension of the material. It should not be too tight.

Continuing to move along the perimeter, fix the elastic with self-tapping screws with rubber washers. If this method does not suit you, then glue the base of the rubber band with glue.

At the end, you need to warm the cuff with a construction hair dryer so that it takes the desired shape and straightens.

If the procedure was performed correctly, the door will open with some effort.

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