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The washing machine does not draw water: causes

The washing machine does not draw water: causes

Most often the culprit of this malfunction can be called clogging of the inlet filter (mesh), which is designed for rough cleaning of water from impurities, coarse particles and rust. In this case, it is only enough to clean or replace the filter and the household appliance will work again without interruption. Another thing is when the breakdown lies in some part. What can be the reason why the washing machine does not take on water or the washing machine constantly takes on water?

The water supply valve (fill valve) - is designed to stop the water supply at the right time. When the water level reaches the desired mark, the level sensor sends a signal to the module which in its turn closes the electric circuit of the feeding valve. The valve shuts off the water flow to avoid overflowing. If the element fails, then there are problems with filling: water either does not enter the tank, or it is filled there uncontrollably and immediately drained. To deal with such a problem yourself is very problematic and troublesome, on top of everything else you need special tools and testers, to test some nodes. The best option would be to call a wizard to repair appliances at home.
Water level sensor - an electronic component that monitors the level of water in the tanks and transmits data to the control module in a timely manner. If this small element fails, there is a failure of all systems, as it can not assess the actual level of water, which has already been reached in the allotted time. In particular, it is possible to observe water interruptions: it can be dialed without stopping or not fed into the washing machine at all. In this case, the display shows the corresponding information. As a rule, the problem is easily eliminated by replacing the sensor. The procedure is inexpensive and will be affordable to any user. It is necessary to consider the marking of the faulty sensor when selecting a replacement. It is not always possible to make a washing machine work with electronic components installed with different markings from the original.
The control module or programmer is the "brain" of all systems and mechanisms. Without these electronic units it is impossible to operate the washing machine in principle, because all the processes are controlled by the module (in models with intelligent control) or programmer (in models with mechanical-electronic control). The whole problem is that the failure of the electronic module is often simply unprofitable to fix. For some models it is simply impossible to pick up the software, other models are simply unprofitable to repair because of the high cost of the upcoming work. So it is not recommended to expose the internal nodes to mechanical influences, high and low temperatures and high humidity. This can lead to corrosion processes on the control boards and other internal components.
The Hatch Lock (Hatch Locking Device) is an electro-mechanical unit which locks the hatch from the inside and prevents it from opening during the washing and rinsing process. The mechanism unlocks only at the end of the selected program or in an emergency situation when the appliance is de-energized. Strange as it may seem, but in the case when the washing machine does not get water, this very unit may be the culprit. The fact is that the device is arranged in such a way that the inflow of water will not begin until the electromagnetic lock is blocked and does not give the appropriate signal to the control unit. Only then the module gives the command to draw water. Similarly, the hatch will not open until all the water has been removed from the tank when all cycles have been completed. So engineers and mechanics took care of the safety of users and their property, so that during the washing process, the hatch does not suddenly open, and not flood the room with water.
Tank leakage - there is another unexpected unpleasantness, namely the washing machine draws and drains water. This can be the result of a water leak due to a breach in the integrity of the tank of the household appliance. Well, of course, the leak will be visible by itself, but in some cases, the user will need to urgently de-energize his machine and drain the water from the tank through the hose of emergency removal. Another thing is if you use the technique of the new generation - in such models there is an option "Aqua-stop", which blocks the filling of water, if a leak is detected. I.e., the constant water intake is an abnormal situation, signaling a malfunction of some kind. This is how the electronic sensors interpret the situation and shut off the water supply. How to eliminate a problem of this kind? Only by disassembling the washing machine and sealing the tank (if it is plastic), or change it completely (for metal monolithic tanks).

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