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The washing machine doesn't drain

The washing machine doesn't drain

Why doesn't the washing machine drain? What can be the reason for such behavior? How to eliminate the malfunction independently and is it worth doing? We will tell you what causes this kind of malfunction!

Repair of washing machines at home . washing machine does not drain water. Most often, the washing machine does not drain water due to clogs, which can clog the drainage system in different areas, as well as the drain filter. In this case, the pump simply physically can not remove water from the tank, the machine interrupts the specified programs and begins to signal a malfunction. In models with mechanical control certain indicators start blinking, and in more modern intelligent devices the error code is displayed. Unfortunately, the problem with the drain can be caused not only by clogs. Technical failures, such as a faulty drain pump or its components, control unit, water level sensor, etc. are not excluded.

If you are looking for an answer to the question - "The washing machine does not drain the water, what to do?", then read our review to the end. We will tell you why there is a problem with the drain, how to fix this kind of malfunction and what to do in case of this or that breakdown.

The washing machine does not drain: causes
The inability to drain water can have several reasons. Some of them can be dealt with independently, others can not be accurately established without prior diagnostics. Therefore, if you suspect that a serious breakdown has occurred, do not try to figure it out yourself. It is better to contact a washing machine repair service. This way, you are sure that the troubleshooting will be done by a professional person who knows the business. Only a professional service can guarantee you further trouble-free operation of the household appliance.

Wrong program selection

The washing machine programs are not set and do not switchRather often users themselves choose the wrong washing mode, in which the water is not drained after the rinse. Or the option "No drain" was independently included. That is why the washing machine does not spin or drain at the end of the program. To solve the problem, it will be enough to run another washing program or run the rinse and select the spin at any speed.

Failure of the drain hose

Another common reason when the washing machine hose of the washing machine does not drain water, you can call kink in the hose, its wrong position in the organization of the drain or a long length. The first thing to do is to inspect it and make sure that it is not kinked anywhere, kinked or crushed by foreign objects. This can obstruct the passage of water while emptying the tank. Also, very often the user takes steps to lengthen it and build up the missing length, which affects the quality of the drain. In this case, the drain pump simply does not have enough power to push water through the drain system. Another mistake is to place the drain hose above the bottom level of the tank, for example, when organizing the drain into the bathtub and fixing the end of the hose to its edge. If the height is more than 50 centimeters or more, the laws of physics says that the water can not be completely drained.

Clogging of the drainage path or filter

The washing machine does not drain, the filter is cloggedThe clog may not form at once, but gradually. With each wash, lint, threads, sand and insoluble particles are deposited on the walls of the hose, caught by the filter, accumulate in other parts of the drain path, which subsequently leads to obstruction. A spontaneous clog can be caused by suddenly stuck foreign objects that may have gotten into the tank with the loaded laundry. Buttons, coins, papers and other objects clog the filter, and the water from the washing machine simply does not come down.

To eliminate this malfunction in this case will need to clean the filter and remove foreign objects, unscrew the hose (pre-drain water using an emergency hose) and rinse it under a pressure of hot water or remove the clog in the siphon (if the hose is connected to it when organizing the drain).

Typically, the filter and spare hose for forced drainage, are located in the lower corner on the front side. To clean the filter, open the plug, gently unscrew the filter cap and remove it. Note that before the procedure, you need to put an empty container and put a rag on the floor, because the water will start to run out of the tank.

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