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The main criteria for repairing modern refrigerators

Often, the work of an irreplaceable home assistant requires the intervention of a master, which may be connected with a change in the temperature regime, the failure of individual blocks, mechanical and electronic components. At the same time, all types of malfunctions in a modern refrigerator can be differentiated into breakdowns of a mechanical and electrical nature. In some cases, you can repair refrigerators yourself, and sometimes you need to invite a specialist to restore their functionality. Mechanical malfunctions often include problems with depressurization of the system of tubes filled with refrigerant, replacement and restoration of housing parts. Thermal insulation damage is also considered mechanical, while frequent electrical breakdowns include the need to replace the electronic unit, relay, thermostat, fan in units with the NoFrost system and fuses.

At the same time, the repair of refrigerators ... Read more »

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Replacing the seal in the refrigerator

Did warm air get inside the refrigerator? So, you need to replace the seal in the refrigerator! We are ready to provide you with the services of professional masters in the shortest possible time.

Replacing the seal in the refrigerator at home. The rubber door seal is necessary to ensure the tightness of the refrigerator chambers and prevent warm air from entering from outside. During operation, the doors are opened thousands of times, which causes wear of the rubber cuff. When the seal is loosely attached to the housing, an increased temperature in one or both chambers, icing of the evaporator, and constant accumulation of snow cover can be observed. Cooling deteriorates, and the compressor starts to work continuously or with short intervals of time for a break. In order to replace the refrigerator seal, you will need a minimal set of tools, as well as an original or universal cuff. The process itself is quite simple, and if yo ... Read more »

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Replacing the dryer filter

Why do you need a refrigerator filter-drier? What is it, and what functions does it perform? How is the refrigerator filter replaced? Why is it not recommended to do such work on your own?

Replacing the dryer filter in the refrigerator at home A household refrigerator, like an industrial one, can break down for many reasons. This includes careless handling, improper operation, natural wear and tear, or a factory defect. Not a single household appliance is insured against breakdowns. However, financial costs can be minimized if you pay attention to some features and signs of breakdown in time, which in some cases may clearly indicate technical problems. So, if you began to notice that the refrigerator does not cool, frost appears inside the chambers or it began to work too loudly, it is probably time to conduct diagnostics and find out what exactly led to failures and incorrect operation. Perhaps, for normal functioning, replacement of the r ... Read more »

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The refrigerator is making noise

Is the refrigerator making noise, and you suspect that it is defective? Did he start making strange sounds? You don't know why the refrigerator compressor makes a lot of noise and how to deal with it? We will tell you why this is happening and what will be done in this case!

Loud noise in the refrigerator, what to do and what are the reasons. Before buying household appliances, not many people think that the promises of manufacturers about the noiseless operation of their device are simply unfounded, because Electrical appliances cannot work purely physically without making any noise at all. Although these indicators are regulated by GOST and reduced to a minimum, one way or another there is still a certain background ringing or noise of working systems. It does not pose any threat to the user, and it is quite possible to get used to the low hum. The second thing is when after some time strange knocks and rattling begin to be obse ... Read more »

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Freon leak

Where can a freon leak occur? What are the reasons for leakage? What should be done to find a freon leak? how to fill the refrigerator

Causes of freon leakage, refueling the refrigerator. Has your equipment started malfunctioning? Does the refrigerator cool poorly, and the temperature adjustment does not give a positive result? It is quite possible that there was a freon leak. Unfortunately, without diagnostics and a professional examination, it is almost impossible to establish the true cause, so you should not make hasty conclusions. Maybe the thermostat is out of order or the air temperature in the room is high. In other situations, it is possible to suspect that the refrigerator began to cope poorly with its functions precisely because of a gas leak from the cooling system. To be sure of your guesses, you need to pay attention to some points and indirect signs. If at least one of them is present, then you need to call a specialist. Be that as it may, o ... Read more »

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Why are refrigerator walls hot?

“Why did the walls of the refrigerator get hot because the refrigerator was unusually hot? You do not understand why the refrigerator or its side walls are heated? Think your home appliance needs professional service? Do not rush to conclusions. In most cases, the heating of the refrigerator is a standard situation and one of the stages of heat exchange and cooling. We will talk about the principles of operation of the refrigerator and the cooling system.

What to do if the refrigerator is heated, in part of its side walls? Is it normal? How to recognize a malfunction and when should you sound the alarm? These questions are very often asked by users of home appliances when they have doubts about the increased temperature of the case. Today we will figure out why the refrigerator is heating up, how a household appliance works, and in what cases it is necessary to immediately call a refrigerator repairman.

The principle of o ... Read more »

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