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The refrigerator is making noise

The refrigerator is making noise

Is the refrigerator making noise, and you suspect that it is defective? Did he start making strange sounds? You don't know why the refrigerator compressor makes a lot of noise and how to deal with it? We will tell you why this is happening and what will be done in this case!

Loud noise in the refrigerator, what to do and what are the reasons. Before buying household appliances, not many people think that the promises of manufacturers about the noiseless operation of their device are simply unfounded, because Electrical appliances cannot work purely physically without making any noise at all. Although these indicators are regulated by GOST and reduced to a minimum, one way or another there is still a certain background ringing or noise of working systems. It does not pose any threat to the user, and it is quite possible to get used to the low hum. The second thing is when after some time strange knocks and rattling begin to be observed. Here it may be a malfunction of some nodes, so professional diagnostics will be required to detect the breakdown. Let's try to figure out why the refrigerator makes noise and how to fix it.

The new refrigerator makes a noise: why?
Permissible values, according to the State Standard, are values up to 55 dB. This is comparable to a human conversation in full voice. Agree, such noise cannot affect health in any way, however, it can cause certain inconveniences at night. That is why it is customary to place the refrigerator further from the bedroom, i.e. in the kitchen Manufacturers have worked hard, and unlike old Soviet models, more modern representatives of kitchen equipment have technical indicators of 40 dB, or even lower. Therefore, if peace and quiet is important to you, if you do not tolerate background sounds, before buying, be sure to familiarize yourself with the technical characteristics of the model you like and compare the noise indicators when it is turned on. As a rule, all important information is contained on a sticker that is stuck on the door of the refrigerator. Namely: power consumption class, total volume of cameras, noise performance and some other indicators.

You chose the quietest model, but the noise still bothers you? Then pay attention to the following:


In order for the device to enter a stable operating mode, it needs some time. Many models require up to a week for this, so do not expect silent operation from them in the first hours. After adaptation, the noise level should decrease to minimum values and the device will not cause discomfort. In that case, if it continues to buzz, it means that the problem lies in something else and you need to look for the cause.


Very often, users incorrectly install household appliances, which increases the noise level during compressor operation. This is due to the furniture and other household appliances surrounding him. It is not recommended to place the refrigerator close to a wall, stove, washing machine, etc. There should be a gap of at least 5 cm between them. Also, pay attention to whether the unit swings in different directions. If this is the case, adjust the height of the legs, achieve stability and fasten with control nuts.

Product loading

Often, it is the contents of the refrigerator that begin to resonate. That. cans, bottles, cups, pan lids, etc. In this case, it is recommended to arrange all this in a different order so that nothing touches each other. By the way, this advice applies not only to newly purchased units, but also to those that have been used for a long time, then you will not have the question - "The refrigerator is making noise, what should I do?"


If you notice a strong growl when the motor-compressor is turned on, don't panic! This is a normal phenomenon. In order to "start" the compressor, a jerk is needed to start the rotation of the rotor. Hence, a short sound jump arises. But if the compressor of the refrigerator makes noise stably and constantly, this can be considered as a malfunction in the operation of its components. At the same time, it is necessary to seek professional help in a timely manner, otherwise at some point the compressor will completely fail, and for its repair or replacement it will be necessary to pay a round sum.

If your refrigerator has not been in operation for the first hour, the installation was carried out according to all the rules and the shelves are in perfect order, but the refrigerator began to rattle and rattle for no apparent reason, then the problem may be related to the breakdown of some part.

The refrigerator makes a lot of noise: typical malfunctions
Let's consider some common breakdowns and their symptoms, which can cause unusual noises, rattling and knocking in various systems of household appliances. This will help to make a preliminary "diagnosis" and understand why the device started making strange sounds.

The refrigerator makes noises when the motor is turned on and running:
These signs are characteristic of the natural wear of the compressor and its components. Unpleasant sounds appear due to wear of the piston part, the engine pistons themselves, or their rings. With particularly heavy wear, decompression can occur, and this threatens the complete failure of the refrigerator. If decompression has occurred, then not only increased noise during engine operation, but also its inclusion for a longer time will be noted. That. the cycle of ego work and break can increase significantly.

Noises are observed only when the compressor is turned on and off:

As a result of long-term use, shock absorbers could weaken, which is why the refrigerator compressor makes noise. Rather, a strong sound is formed by sharp jerks when it is turned on and stopped. In this case, it is necessary to check the reliability of the fastening elements and the integrity of the springs themselves. If necessary, replace the shock absorbers and tighten the bolts, having previously adjusted the spring blocks.

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