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Replacing the dryer filter

Replacing the dryer filter

Why do you need a refrigerator filter-drier? What is it, and what functions does it perform? How is the refrigerator filter replaced? Why is it not recommended to do such work on your own?

Replacing the dryer filter in the refrigerator at home A household refrigerator, like an industrial one, can break down for many reasons. This includes careless handling, improper operation, natural wear and tear, or a factory defect. Not a single household appliance is insured against breakdowns. However, financial costs can be minimized if you pay attention to some features and signs of breakdown in time, which in some cases may clearly indicate technical problems. So, if you began to notice that the refrigerator does not cool, frost appears inside the chambers or it began to work too loudly, it is probably time to conduct diagnostics and find out what exactly led to failures and incorrect operation. Perhaps, for normal functioning, replacement of the refrigerator dryer filter is required.

What is a refrigerator dryer filter?
The filter drier is a kind of absorber of moisture and various impurities that should not enter the capillary pipeline during refrigerant circulation. It is installed in the area in front of the capillary tube, which goes from the evaporator to the condenser. It looks like a cylindrical cartridge with absorbent granules inside. These granules absorb moisture and everything unnecessary, and the gas purified from impurities circulates further through the system.

The main task of the filter is the retention of foreign particles that can cause blockage of the capillary pipeline, and as a result, the breakdown of some refrigerator systems, due to the violation of freon circulation. The main sign of the malfunction of this component can be called an increase in temperature in the chambers, the formation of frost on the evaporator, water inside the household appliance. To eliminate the malfunction, preliminary diagnostics will be required, and only after the master has accurately identified the breakdown, the refrigerator filter will be replaced.

Even the smallest particles can cause a capillary blockage, because in some places, the inner diameter of the tube can be only 1 millimeter. If a blockage has formed in some area, it means that the filter-drier does not cope with its task and needs to be replaced. In most cases, in order to resume the operation of the cooling system, it is first necessary to eliminate the blockage, blow out the pipeline, remove moisture, install a new filter, vacuum the system, and only then refill it with the required amount of freon. As you could see, such work requires the necessary skills, experience and professional equipment, otherwise the consequences may be unpredictable, and in the best case, the refrigerator will need repair again.

Signs of malfunction of the filter-drier
As a rule, when the filter of the Atlant refrigerator needs to be replaced, the household appliance stops cooling. That. the evaporator begins to defrost, becomes warm, adjusting the temperature and setting lower values does not give any results. The compressor starts to overheat because it is running at idle and starts up more often than usual. There is a greater probability of failure of more important units and systems if you do not seek help from a specialized workshop in time. Here it is necessary to take into account that similar signs can indicate other malfunctions, therefore, before proceeding with the repair, it is necessary to carry out diagnostics and establish the true cause. Unfortunately, self-diagnosis and repair can only make the situation worse. This procedure is best entrusted to competent specialists of our company. So you can not only save money, but also be sure that the breakdown will not affect your household appliance again.

Replacing the refrigerator dryer filter: procedure
In order to perform the work according to all the rules and achieve the desired result, it is necessary to follow a certain procedure. Of course, every refrigerator technician with sufficient experience knows this perfectly well. The whole procedure may take several hours, and the price of replacing the filter in the refrigerator will depend on the model of the household appliance and the degree of its damage.

First, you need to turn the refrigerator upside down.

Find the location of the filter-drier and unsolder it using a torch.

We thoroughly clean the places where the faulty filter was soldered, remove roughness and degrease.

Solder a new original or similar filter, observing the soldering technology and symmetry.

Next, the cooling system needs to be vacuumed and blown with the help of special professional equipment (blowing takes place under pressure).

The penultimate stage is refueling freon.

After that, we check whether there is enough gas in the system, for this we pay attention to the weight or the pressure level.

We seal the cooling system and start the refrigerator in test mode.

Please note that in the course of work, it may be necessary not only to replace the filter of the atlant tsena refrigerator dryer, but also to replace the capillary tube if microcracks, damage or corrosion are detected during purging. Otherwise, the refrigerator will not produce cold and the "symptoms" will not disappear.

In addition to the filter drier, some models use secondary filters. For example, manufacturers of Whirlpool refrigerators equip their appliances with antibacterial filters that absorb unpleasant odors, bacteria and microbes, thereby preventing rapid spoilage of stored products. When the filter uses up its resource, it must be replaced, because it is not subject to cleaning. A special indicator will inform the user about this. It can be purchased at any specialized store.

Water filters are used in models with a built-in ice generator. Ego is used to purify water, thus the user gets transparent and cleanest ice cubes. Like the antibacterial water filter, it must be cleaned. After 1500 liters of water, it will need to be replaced.

The odor absorber perfectly copes with extraneous unpleasant odors that are absorbed into the filter filler and are kept there for the entire period of use. Activated carbon is used as a filler, which is also an excellent absorbent and partially absorbs excess moisture inside the chambers.

A network filter is necessary to protect the refrigerator, and in particular, its weak electronic nodes, from sudden voltage surges. Such a filter stabilizes voltage and protects sensors, compressors, electronic boards and other elements from damage of a different nature. In an emergency situation, as a result of sharp jumps from 100 to 1000 volts, the network interference filter will simply de-energize the household appliance.

If you noticed that the refrigerator is not working properly, its temperature is higher than it should be, it does not cope with freezing and cooling, the problem is probably caused by a malfunction of one of the components. It is quite likely that after diagnosis, the filter of the refrigerator dryer will need to be replaced, which we can do in the shortest possible time.

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