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The main criteria for repairing modern refrigerators

The main criteria for repairing modern refrigerators

Often, the work of an irreplaceable home assistant requires the intervention of a master, which may be connected with a change in the temperature regime, the failure of individual blocks, mechanical and electronic components. At the same time, all types of malfunctions in a modern refrigerator can be differentiated into breakdowns of a mechanical and electrical nature. In some cases, you can repair refrigerators yourself, and sometimes you need to invite a specialist to restore their functionality. Mechanical malfunctions often include problems with depressurization of the system of tubes filled with refrigerant, replacement and restoration of housing parts. Thermal insulation damage is also considered mechanical, while frequent electrical breakdowns include the need to replace the electronic unit, relay, thermostat, fan in units with the NoFrost system and fuses.

At the same time, the repair of refrigerators requires a certain level of knowledge of the operation of individual units, their diagnostics, as well as the specifics of schematic and mechanical constructive executions, which differ depending on the manufacturer. In most cases, it is most convenient and profitable to repair refrigerators at home, which can significantly reduce the time of inconvenience associated with the failure of the unit that maintains food in a condition suitable for consumption.

The main causes of refrigerator breakdowns

In order to independently analyze the performance of the leading units of the refrigerator, we will consider the main types of malfunctions, their diagnosis and methods of their elimination using common examples.

One of the most unpleasant and time-consuming malfunctions are breakdowns that require refilling refrigerators with freon. As a refrigerant in modern units, a special gas is used, which differs in each individual case, varying depending on the brand and model of the device. The refueling procedure requires special skills and knowledge and is often performed in the conditions of a service workshop. In this regard, self-repair of refrigerators with the implementation of this procedure can be not only difficult, but also an unsafe task for a beginner. The gas inside the system has no color or smell, and is not limited by any service life. There may be a number of reasons for refueling the refrigerant. Among them is the replacement of the compressor or mechanical damage to the circulation system that caused depressurization. Therefore, it is important, first of all, to determine the cause of the device's failure, and then to carry out refueling. Freon, isobutane and tetrafluoroethane are explosive substances, the rules of working with which dictate the technology of the refueling process itself and subsequent soldering. Filling the system is preceded by a process of vacuuming, which is necessary to clean traces of the previous refrigerant.

The compressor is often the cause of the failure of the refrigerator. After switching on, after 10 seconds, the correct unit should turn on the compressor, the operation of which is audible and does not require diagnosis of switching on. If attempts to turn it on do not lead to success, this often indicates a failure of the starting relay, which must be replaced with a known correct one. The integrity of the relay indicates a malfunction of the compressor itself, which can be diagnosed using an ordinary digital or analog ohmmeter. The windings, which must have the same resistance, are subject to inspection. In modern models of refrigerators, the compressor is turned on by the control system, which is a complex electronic module based on a programmable controller. In connection with this, it is urgent to repair refrigerators with the involvement of qualified specialists who will help in a matter of hours to understand the causes of the malfunction and eliminate it, even in the most difficult cases.

Another reason to consult a specialist is the banal lack of cold inside the camera. The refrigerator stops cooling as a result of breakdowns that can have various causes. The first of them can be a malfunction of the thermostat. This situation is characterized by the normal rhythm of the compressor, which continues to turn on normally. A simple replacement of the thermostat will bring the device back to life.

Refrigerant leakage can also cause lack of cold. This situation will become the most unpleasant and costly for the customer. It is also worth paying attention to the compressor valves, which can lead to similar troubles due to sinking. Cleaning the capillary tubes is also an equally important task, as a banal blockage can be the cause of the malfunction.

A change in the temperature regime can also be observed in the area of falling temperatures. The reason that the refrigerator began to freeze can be a malfunction in the thermorelay circuit or the element itself. Maintenance of the temperatures set by the user in the device is carried out during the operation and pauses of the compressor. Thus, injection of low temperatures is a consequence of long-term operation of this refrigerator unit, which is dictated by incorrect commands coming to its windings. The problem with freezing is often eliminated by replacing the thermal relay or temperature sensor in systems with No Frost technology. Signals coming from the control module, if there is one, which may be subject to replacement or repair with subsequent programming, should also be subject to analysis. Also, the reason for the decrease in temperature inside the chambers may be refrigerant leakage, which causes the process of pressure reduction in the system itself and a change in the mode of operation of the compressor.

Repair of refrigerators at home can often be done with your own hands if you see the appearance of water under the device. The drainage pipes become clogged during the operation of the device. Namely, through them comes water, which is subject to evaporation in a natural way. It is possible to say with confidence that this malfunction is of a consumer nature and lies in the plane of observing the rules of operation of the device. Cleaning the drainage system is a matter of minutes. At the same time, even a low-skilled specialist who knows the design of the device and the rules for assembling and disassembling a refrigerator of a certain brand can cope with the task.

The frequent appearance of snow or the so-called ice on the walls of the cameras also refers to malfunctions. Ways to eliminate them lie in determining the causes of frostbite. The most banal of them may be poor contact of the seal with the wall, which allows warm air to enter the compartment. Other aspects of the malfunction involve checking the capillary system and diagnosing the operation of the temperature sensor and the entire control system.

In some cases, the malfunction may include a visual effect. It is difficult not to notice the swollen walls of the refrigerator cabinet even with the naked eye. Freon leakage is clearly the cause. The malfunction is eliminated by refueling the system, and visual, mechanical problems are solved by restoration work, which in the complex is most convenient to produce in the conditions of the workshop.

In conclusion, it should be noted that the repair of refrigerators only in less than half of cases is a consequence of the failure of low-quality components or defective elements. Improper operation and mechanical damage to the cameras during self-cleaning from ice can lead to fatal consequences, which can be reversed by refueling with freon. External operating conditions are also relevant. An increased level of mains voltage, jumps, drops or too little power can also cause the compressor of the refrigerator to fail. In this regard, having noticed the symptoms of a problem, it is necessary to immediately take preventive measures, so as not to spend extra money on expensive repairs later, for the implementation of which it is necessary to use original components. The quality of repair also has a number of aspects, the main of which is the guarantee of its reliability. It can be provided only by professional specialists who are able to quickly carry out diagnostics and install branded spare parts, the operation of which is guaranteed by the manufacturer for a long period of operation.

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