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Reliability - property of an object to keep in time within the established values ​​of the parameters characterizing the ability to perform the required functions in the set modes and conditions of use, maintenance, storage and transport [1].

Intuitively, the reliability of objects associated with the failures of inadmissibility. It is the understanding of grade in the "narrow" sense - object property to maintain a usable state for a certain time or a certain operating time. In other words, the reliability of the object lies in the absence of unforeseen harmful changes its quality in service and storage. Reliability is closely related to the various parties operating process. Reliability in the "broad" sense - comprehensive property, which depending on the target object and its operating conditions can include properties of reliability, durability, maintainability and retentivity as well as a certain combination of these properties.

To quantify the reliability of using the so-called individual reliability indicators (reliability characterize only one property) and integrated reliability indicators (characterized by several properties Reliability

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