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Installing the dishwasher

The first phase of installation of the dishwasher - the acceptance device and deliverance from its packaging.

It all starts with a simple. Ordering a whirlpool machine through a delivery service, take your time in order to sign on its successful delivery when service staff will bring the unit to your home. In your presence, these people have to unpack "dishwasher", then you need to become thoroughly familiar with the outside of her view, to ensure the absence of any damage to the housing stock and component parts.

Having familiarized with the appearance of the dishwasher bosch 45 and making sure that it complies with a warranty, check the condition of the inner parts, lightly shaking the car. After hearing other sounds, such as the sound, the creak or rattle - you know, you have every right to refuse this instance due to the fault of the dishwasher and request a new one.

We must always remember that in any conflict situation Faults dishwashers exactly you are right, because you - the buyer, and to make concessions to employees delivering services can mean retribution for their misdeeds with money from his own pocket. And only when you do not have any complaints about the quality of delivery, you can sign the receipt of the service staff.

The second stage of the installation of the dishwasher 60 - withdrawal of fasteners for transportation and accommodation in the right place.
What is the solution for the dishwasher?
Remember that before using this device, you must get rid of the special locking and sealing of parts placed on it, and used for reliable transportation. Removing these parts for washing machines can be ready for the next action.

So, place dishwasher bosch sks in the previously planned place in such a way that the distance from the car to the point of discharge does not exceed six meters. This is important for the safe and correct operation of the drain pump, which will pump water through the drain hose. If the last length will be more than 1.5 m, then this situation is fraught with premature breakdown of the pump and the failure of the entire apparatus.

When installing the dishwasher lid on the floor, make sure of its stability at every point of contact with the surface, as in the case of built-in "dishwasher" - note the contact of furniture to the walls of the machine.

The third phase of the installation of the dishwasher - the water settlement.
Connect the machine dishwashing, you must remember that for her service requires a separate outlet tap water, which in some cases may be provided, and filters additional water purification, providing no ingress of coarse particles of rust, sand and other dirt elements present in the water supply system . Separate drainage for the filter will allow clean it without engaging the services of plumbing.

By installing the filter, take care, and that the front of it was tap water overlap, or its absence can cause flooding of residential areas, in the case of the opening of the filling of the internal valve in the dishwasher when you're not around. But all this can be avoided if you buy "dishwasher", equipped with a system of protection against leakage. Different manufacturers call this system in various ways, most commonly the name sounds so: AquaStop, Waterproof, Aqua-Control or AquaAlarm. If you are unable to use a standard drain hose length of 1.5 m, and it can be extended and used.

In addition to the cold water supply to the dishwasher, some manufacturers of household appliances also offer connection and hot water. This function is used exclusively for the purpose of saving electricity. But in the current Ukrainian conditions this possibility will not help, but rather a hindrance, because the hot water often contains a large amount of mechanical impurities, quickly deducing machine failure.
Where the right to set the dishwasher? The fourth stage of the dishwasher installation - drain the used water.

No less important than the settlement of water and is draining the used water into drains. The most practiced method for the realization of this - a direct connection of the machine through a hose to a sink or directly to the sewage system using at the same time a special device in the form of a siphon and another drainage, allowing to make it impossible to re-injection of waste water from draining into the dishwasher.

For extra insurance, the discharge system of the machine is organized so that the entry point into the sewer level was lower than the drain hose. It is enough to fix the hose at a height of half a meter from the place of its connection to waste water. Then, making a bend, the drain hose is connected to the siphon. If you can not perform these operations on a small hose in 1.5m, it can be extended, but use a hose of more than 3 meters is not recommended, as the extreme limit - 5m.

The fifth stage of the dishwasher installation - electrical connection.
Connected to the power supply must dishwasher by a separate three-core copper wire, whose cross section is 2 mm in diameter. This is done on the basis of the stock options of the cable strength to transmit electrical current at maximum load on the network. In order to prevent removal of the dishwasher out of action, it is necessary to protect the circuit breaker (16A), which automatically turns off the machine when the power of 3.6 kW. This action will save your nerves and wallet, which are often depleted in the case of serious damage the dishwasher, as well as any other equipment. Of course, to connect a circuit breaker should be parallel to the already installed machines used on other devices, reducing it by a minimum load on the apparatus.

Also it is necessary to ground the dishwasher, which will guarantee that you or some other person does not impress an electric current during operation of the machine. If you live in an old house, you should keep in mind that the ground in such structures is not done with the help of special tires, and is displayed in the zero phase, which is located on the electrical panel. Remember that you should not do your grounding device on the objects of your home infrastructure, such as pipes of water, heat and gas.
Terms of the drain hose installations dishwasher First of all, by grounding the dishwasher must be assumed that the communication tubes are unsuitable for such business entities, because they are good conductors, which in some cases can cause combustion of electric filling your machine (eg when performing welding work on these communication pipes). Do not connect these devices and sockets, which use electric stoves.

Therefore, it is desirable to use in matters outlet ground on three poles with pins, which are installed in a wiring individual apartments. Try to use outlets that have full contact with the fork, without hesitation, that can also cause failure of the dishwasher.

The sixth stage of the dishwasher installation - the first run.
Once everything is checked, installed and connected - the dishwasher, you must run at idle in order to ensure correctness of actions performed, as well as to test the purchased device. Not loading dishes, but adding the necessary chemicals to the appropriate containers (detergent and refined salt), you have to make the first launch of the unit.

Salt is added to control the hardness of the tap water, detergent is designed to clean up the working surface from possible contamination, obtained during machine assembly. In the process of all the idle loop you will have the most carefully keep track of many of the technological aspects of the work of the dishwasher, for example, such as working electronics, water supply, its heat, drain the water into the sewer system of the filters and other systems to ensure quality and effective washing of your dishes.

Some useful tips with regular use of the dishwasher:

    * Completing a dishwashing cycle is not starting with the other, try to tightly close the door of the car;
    * Regardless of whether there is in your "dishwashers" system, warning of water leakage, or is not available, try to always after using the device, to block water flow to the machine;
    * Also finishing the job, do not forget to turn off the machine from the AC outlet or switch off the circuit breaker.

Based on the above, we can conclude that in your own home, you can install, connect and use the dishwasher for its intended purpose without too much hassle. It is reasonable that you, by doing this kind of work, will be able to save money for inviting representatives of service centers, without breaking any of the conditions of the warranty by the manufacturer.

But even if you have the slightest doubts about self-empowerment, not long thinking, call professionals. Because only a specially trained person versed in the intricacies of the many different aspects of the range of problems related to the correct running of the dishwasher in a single apartment.

Now almost any online store dishwashers huge selection. But before purchasing, be sure to read reviews of embedded dishwashers.

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