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Dryer failure

Probably everyone at least once conceived as arranged and how the dryer machine. I want to talk a little bit and reveal a terrible secret.

To begin with how it works? The dryer is designed to remove residual moisture from the items after washing. The drying fabric is due to the thermal effects of a hot flow of heated air in the drum. The moisture condenses and is displayed in a special bin for collecting condensate. For uniform, things drying drum rotates continuously. In each of the drying machine incorporated programs for cotton items, synthetics, woolen goods and silk and light fabrics.

The structure of the dryer just to ugliness. There is a flow-through dryer which is actually responsible for heating. Engine that performs the rotation of the drum. Timing belt - transmits torque to the drum dryer. Condensate Pump Capacity (incidentally professional dryers are not automatic condensate pump. Here the remains of moisture in the form of steam output in the atmosphere that is for the room). There are sensors: to control the temperature of the heating zone, the security sensor from overheating and sensor (sensor) laundry humidity.

Dryer with improper use can easily be damaged. The main fault is overheating dryer: when booting you need to consider the weight class and drying, not respecting these rules dryer may overheat or break the timing belt. That would require urgent repair and the search specialist craftsmen.

Clean the dryer condensate, this procedure is very important because it is easy to pile and dust clog condensate channels. As a result of the drying machine may overheat or even fire! When cleaning is necessary to remove the condensate to collect all the dust, and it is desirable to rinse under a strong pressure of water achieving a better result.

To repair the dryer did not come into your house. Observe the rules of operation. Do not dry in the dryer oversized things badly depressed and overflowing drum heavy things.

For best drying effect, use the programs which are incorporated in the dryer at the plant and for each type of laundry. Remove the water from the hopper to collect the condensate.

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