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Why does the refrigerator not freeze, freezes weakly or strongly?

Why does the refrigerator not freeze, freezes weakly or strongly?
Depending on the device of the refrigerator, the reasons why the refrigerator does not freeze, freezes badly or freezes hard may differ. Today we will consider the most common reasons

Refrigerator does not freeze but still works
- failed temperature sensor

- freon leak

- malfunctioning thermostat

- blockage of the filter, capillary tube

- improper functioning of the motor-compressor

The above malfunctions are the most common when the refrigerator stops fully freezing. Faced with this problem, you should call a specialist to fix the problem, and we do not recommend trying to fix something on your own.

Refrigerator is freezing cold
- Faulty thermostat

- burnt thermostat

- the rubber seal on the refrigerator doors is leaking

- freon leak

All these malfunctions can be easily fixed by a refrigerator repairman. We also do not recommend fixing problems with our own hands.

Refrigerator gets very cold

- super freeze enabled

- the thermostat is set to maximum

- improper use of the refrigerator ("clogged" refrigerator)

- Faulty temperature sensor

In this case, the problem is not so critical. You can fix the first three points yourself. In the first case, turn off the superfreeze mode. In the second, check the position of the thermostat knob. And the third point is simply to simply unload the refrigerator so that it is not packed full.

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