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Why does the refrigerator freeze food?

Why does the refrigerator freeze food?

If one day you open the refrigerator and find that the food is covered with frost or completely frozen, you are likely to get worried. While the food in your refrigerator is meant to be kept cold, freezing it can change the texture, flavor, or longevity of the food, so you don't want it to stay too cold! Also, frozen food in your refrigerator may indicate that your refrigerator is broken, which is a headache no one wants to deal with.

However, before you pick up the phone and call the refrigerator repair service, you can try a few troubleshooting tips to see if the problem can be easily fixed. Sometimes you just need to adjust the temperature or clean the refrigerator coils to prevent problems in the future.
If your refrigerator freezes food, follow these tips:

- Adjust the temperature settings: Check the temperature settings for your fridge and lower the temperature a little, but don't set it too high! The temperature inside the refrigerator should be between 2 and 10 degrees. Use a separate refrigerator thermometer if you feel you are not getting an accurate reading.

- Determine the freezing zones: check in which parts of the refrigerator food is most often frozen; Usually these are the top shelf, bottom drawers and door shelves. Ventilation holes are often located in these areas. Avoid placing temperature sensitive food in these areas or, if possible, move the shelves away from the vents.

- Clean refrigerator coils: Clean refrigerator parts will help prevent problems with your refrigerator. Move the refrigerator away from the wall and check if the coils are dusty or not. Dirty coils mean the compressor needs to run longer to keep the freezer cold. In this case, some models may become overcooled, so remove the dust with a vacuum cleaner, brush or dry cloth.

- Check for problems with the freezer: Check the temperature settings in the freezer to make sure it is not too low. Increase the temperature if necessary. Check your icemaker; if it runs continuously, the freezer and refrigerator may become too cold. Also make sure the freezer door is closed tightly. If the sealing rubber is cracked or worn, the freezer may run too long to maintain its temperature, causing the refrigerator to overcool. Find a refrigerator parts store and replace the door seal, or have a replacement from a workshop.

- Call a repairman: If your refrigerator is still not working properly, the problem is most likely a mechanical issue that needs to be addressed by a repairman. The temperature control thermostat, control board, or thermostat may be defective. Call refrigerator repair and let a professional fix it for you.

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