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Varieties of ice makers depending on the method of supplying water

Varieties of ice makers depending on the method of supplying water

Despite the fact that refrigerators with an ice generator appeared on the household appliances market quite recently, they managed to gain great popularity among many housewives, as they have wide functional capabilities and quality indicators.

The ice maker in the refrigerator is a special device with which ice is obtained. There are various models that affect the operation of the instrument. For operation, it may be necessary to connect to a water supply or fill a special container with water.

Varieties of ice makers depending on the method of supplying water

You need to know that the ice generator in the refrigerator is a design that can be connected directly to the water supply network, as well as filled with water manually.

According to the method of filling water:

-generators with automatic filling, which are connected to the central water supply network;

- jellied type generators, the working capacity of which is filled with water manually.

Refrigerator with water connection

These devices require a professional plumbing connection. A removable filter flask with a replaceable cartridge is mounted on the rear wall of the refrigerator. A selective tap cuts into the common line, water enters the ice maker through a copper pipe or a soft food-grade polymer hose. The product is frozen by blowing cold air, according to the classical scheme of the refrigerator or technologically chilled water.

  If you doubt that you are able to connect the dispenser on your own and without errors, we advise you to repair refrigerators at home. This will save your unit from premature failure.

Since the quality of water from the main networks leaves much to be desired, dispensers connected to the water supply are equipped with carbon filters. Filter service life - no more than one and a half years. Do not forget to change the dispenser filter in time, take care of your health!

The ice maker connection technology is as follows:

1. A special separate tap crashes into the central water supply system.

2. A pipe (plastic or metal) is connected to the stopcock. The length must be calculated so that it is enough to connect to the unit without tension.

3. The other end of the connecting pipe is connected to the inlet pipe, which is located on the rear wall of the unit. In case of poor water quality, experts recommend installing an additional cleaning filter at the inlet.

Refrigerator with icemaker without water connection

Often a refrigerator with an ice maker is used without connecting to a water supply. The device has a simpler design. Therefore, the cost of models is affordable, the supply of cold water and ice is no longer the privilege of wealthy families. It took several automatic operations to make manual.

Devices of this type involve manual pouring of water into a special container. Fill dispensers fail much less often, as they are less “capricious” to clean and connect. Purified and chilled water enters the glass through the operation of a small pump (the only weak spot in the filling dispensers). If the pump fails, the device will malfunction, but it does not affect the operation of the refrigerator itself. The freezing process takes approximately 2 hours. To remove the cubes, special handles are turned, and the ice falls into the container.

Getting ice in an autonomous system:

1. Purified, softened or bottled water is poured into a special container located in the refrigerator.

2. Through the tube, the liquid flows into the ice maker, which is installed in the freezer.

3. After freezing, the cubes are dumped into a storage container.

The ice generators have a water purification system from harmful impurities and unnecessary odors. Special filters are responsible for this. The service life of these cleaning devices is about a year. You can argue about the need for such a process for a long time, many say that the refrigerator is used to freeze and store food, and not to purify drinking water.

However, equipping these household appliances with ice makers and dispensers allows you to preserve the health of people close to you, enabling them not only to have ice at their disposal, but also to drink fresh purified water. Moreover, the water will remain cold in any weather, even on hot summer days.

Many people choose to buy water from supermarkets, as tap water tastes bad and sometimes smells bad. This is especially true for cities with a developed industrial infrastructure. In megacities, chlorine-containing substances are often used to disinfect water. An external refrigerator filter or an internal one, as in Samsung, LG models, will preserve the natural taste of water. And even if water enters the refrigerator from a faucet, the filter will be able to clean it of harmful impurities and give it a spring flavor.

In addition, various impurities and suspensions contained in water are not only harmful to the human body, but can also disable the ice maker and valves. The filter, both internal and external, will protect the icemaker and other important parts of the refrigerator from contamination and damage.

Getting cold clean water and ice straight from the refrigerator is an undoubted convenience for a modern person. Sometimes living comfortably and maintaining health is not so difficult. Buying a refrigerator with an integrated ice maker and dispenser makes your life easier and safer.


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