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Types of relays in refrigerators

Types of relays in refrigerators

After the electric motor got the necessary momentum launcher coil must be switched off. For this purpose puskozaschitnoy relay that breaks the circuit when it reaches a certain temperature sensitive element. It may have two or three exits. In the first case - a phase 110 V - earth, and in the second case - Start winding - operating winding - land. Starting relay works for several schemes.

Option 1 - "Pills"

The basis of this work item is a material that expands when heated. Upon reaching a certain temperature within the "pill" contact opens and stays connected only coil. To maintain such a regime on the working coil used reactor, a heated element. In case of failure of the relay inside there is the sound of the spilled material.

2. Option - induction switch

The basis of the work of such a mechanism are electromagnets, in which at the core is started when the current passes through the coil of the starter contacts are pressed. After some time, the motor current consumption is reduced, whereby the spring is rectified, and there is a disconnection contacts.

3. Option - thermal relay on bimetallic plate

The bimetallic plate is a two metals with a different coefficient of expansion. When heated, it turns out the bending plate in the direction in which the elongation of the metal lower. In this case, relay and compressor shutdown occurs.

4. Option - induction switch with a bimetallic plate

In such puskozaschitnoy relay coil is mounted, which heats the bimetallic plate. Heating was performed by passing through the spiral coil working voltage. With a large increase in power there is a rupture of contacts bimetal spring.

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