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The refrigerator belongs to complex household appliances. Several functional circuits are vulnerable if any component fails. It happens that a technique visually works, but in fact it does not function. Speaking of the refrigerator: it often happens that the appliances do not buzz, but the light is on. If the sounds of the compressor or relay clicks are not heard, and the products on the shelves begin to deteriorate, and with all this the refrigerator does not turn on, and the light is on, this is a breakdown.

The older household appliances, the higher the wear of its components and the higher the likelihood of breakage.

In a new refrigerator, incorrect operation can be caused by both a breakdown of the components and incorrect firmware of its “smart” parts - the control board and the compressor fuse. The situation when only lighting works in the refrigerator, but the refrigerator compartment is not cooled, can be caused by a number of reasons.
Main reasons

failure of the thermostat, as a result of which, due to the lack of information about the temperature, the correct control of cooling in the refrigerator compartment stops;
problems with the functioning of the start-up relay, which controls the inclusion of the compressor;
for new models - problems with the electronic control board;
failure of the compressor;
defrost button.

1) Breakdown of the thermostat. To verify the malfunction, it is necessary to perform some manipulations. You need to remove the terminals going to the thermostat, and then connect them directly. If subsequently, after the circuit is closed, the motor starts, then it will be necessary to replace the broken thermostat with a new one.

The device is responsible for temperature control in the chambers. If the thermostat fails, the control unit does not receive a signal that there is not enough cold in the chamber. As a result, the motor turns off.

2) Faulty start and protection relay. To check the parts are disconnected, after which you will need to measure the resistance with an ohmmeter. If the relay, for example, of the Atlant 2-chamber refrigerator is out of order, it must be replaced by a qualified craftsman.

3) Problem with the electronic board. If rust or oxides form on it, the technique does not work well, although the light is on. In order for the device to turn on again, it is necessary to clean the contacts well. If the control unit is broken, then it does not read the sensor signals, and the motor does not start. You need to flash or replace the board.

4) Failure of the compressor.

By measuring the resistance between the contacts, it will be possible to understand whether a new compressor is needed or a problem with something else. Usually, the motor is not repaired, but changed to another, and a specialist should install the compressor.

5) Defrost button stuck. If the previous steps were ineffective, you should do the same manipulations, but only with the defrost button. When it sinks, the motor cannot start.

If the compressor, thermostat, protective relay are out of order - they must be replaced! If the defrost button breaks, it can sometimes be repaired, and if the contacts of the electronic board are oxidized, they should be thoroughly cleaned to restore operation. Only professional refrigerator repair can extend the life of your device.

However, it is not always necessary to install new parts. Sometimes in modern models, for example, Stinol, Indesit, the motor may not turn on for one simple reason - incorrect installation of the unit. Accordingly, it is necessary to check how level the refrigerator is and, if necessary, correct its position.

Sometimes failures occur due to force majeure. For example, an air sensor can burn out when there is a voltage drop in the mains. And with it, the light bulb can burn out. Therefore, the absence of light is not always an accurate indicator of breakdown.


The light in the chamber of a non-working refrigerator shows that there is food. Diagnosis should be carried out from simple, checking the setting, the tightness of the door and the cleanliness of the condenser. Find and fix other breakdowns entrust to a specialist.

Important! Install an RCD and a stabilizer to avoid trouble. And also use the services of professional workshops so as not to break the equipment completely. Remember that you cannot solve problems with electronics yourself if you do not have the skills.

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