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The fan in the refrigerator has stopped working

The fan in the refrigerator has stopped working.
The fan is an integral part of the No Frost refrigerator. The role of the fan is to create air circulation in the cooling and freezing chambers. During operation, it eliminates moisture, draws in gas, which creates a vacuum. Further, warm air from the chambers moves between the evaporator tubes under the generated pressure. During the process, the air flow is cooled, and moisture settles on the radiator tubes. At the final stage, the gas flows back into the chamber through special openings. They are located anywhere (top, bottom, sides, above each shelf) depending on the model of the refrigerator.

Symptoms of a malfunctioning refrigerator fan:

The breakdown of the fan in the refrigerator can be judged by two main signs.

1 The appearance of previously uncharacteristic noise during operation of the refrigerator

2 Complete lack of cooling in the refrigerator.

The main causes of the malfunction

The fan consists of a motor, a shaft, a propeller. Electronically controlled. The protection is in the form of a fuse. The unit is started by the defrost timer signal.

When the fan in the refrigerator does not turn on, it is not necessary to change the entire assembly. The kit consists of several parts. Some of them are repaired separately. The most common causes of breakdowns are:

1 Freezing of propeller blades. A large formation of ice and snow on the blades does not allow further rotation of the fan

2 The motor is out of order. The motor fails due to voltage drops, work at high loads. Overheating, winding defect.

3 Shaft breakage, deformation, jamming. Lack of lubrication in bearings. The problem manifests itself with natural wear or factory defects.

4 Defective control module. Chips, radio components burned out, there are oxidation on the boards.

It is possible to determine the exact malfunction only after diagnosing the refrigerator. In some cases, poor-quality plastic of the blades can become the cause of the breakdown. Some of the manufacturers save on materials that crack, break during operation and subsequently scatter into separate elements. Broken elements can block the rotation of the knot.

Damage consequences:

The No Frost system is significantly different from other cooling options. And if the refrigerator fan does not turn on, then the interior of the refrigerator will completely stop cooling. In this case, due to the absence of warm air flows, the evaporator will remain cold, and the chambers will become warm. At the same time, the compressor continues to work properly, which is why it is quite difficult to identify a breakdown.

If the fan in the refrigerator with normal freezing does not spin, the equipment will continue to work properly, since only some functions will not work:

forcing cold air flows for rapid cooling;
lack of compressor or condenser cooling For a quick and high-quality solution to a breakdown, it is better to contact specialists and not try to look for the cause on your own, resorting to the advice of forums and friends. It is better to get qualified help once than to correct your own mistakes and repair the refrigerator endlessly. Our masters will gladly help you solve this problem

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