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Replacement refrigerator relay

The relay can be damaged if the jammed movable contacts that closes the power supply circuit starting winding. In this case, the motor can run for 5-10 seconds and shut down or run does not happen at all.

No less common cause of failure in the thermal relay is to weaken the spring plate. Turning off the power of the compressor in this case is true even if the current consumption in the normal amount. Thus the thermal protection is triggered.

Quite often due to poor material is heated spiral, it may burn out. In this case, the problem must be sought in the compressor.

After verification of the control circuit, it is necessary to examine the relay. First cover removed, which may be aluminum or snap rivets located at the base.

Almost all refrigerators have puskozaschitnoy relay this scheme. Among the faults within the relay, often burns contact pair may be jammed core, the spring is broken or rod.

To correct such failure, need to pull the bobbin supported latches. Thereafter, the core and the extraction is carried out with a rod contacts. Then you need to clean all the parts dipped in alcohol solution with a soft cloth.

In some cases, it may be necessary to sweep the core file or sandpaper. This is done for free entry into the coil.

It must necessarily be carried out sanding surface contacts. If the repeated failure occurred shortly after cleaning oxidised, for the same reason, it is necessary to contact the service center, as in this case, disrupted circuits.

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