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Refrigerator start relay replacement

Refrigerator start relay replacement

“How is the refrigerator start relay replaced? Why does a relay fail? How to replace the start relay yourself? We will talk about this in more detail"

Household and industrial refrigerators are a rather complex engineering implementation. They consist of many nodes and electronic boards. All processes in refrigeration equipment are interconnected and the failure of one small part can paralyze the operation of the entire apparatus. The same can happen due to the failure of the start-up relay. This component is designed to start the compressor in time. The motor is not able to start working on its own without this small box, which in turn also protects the compressor from overheating and wear. As soon as the motor starts to overheat, the relay opens the electrical circuit. The current does not enter the electrical circuit and the work stops. This protects such an important unit from premature failure.

In the event of a malfunction and a suspected malfunction of the start relay, an immediate replacement of the start relay of the refrigerator is required, otherwise the consequences may be irreversible, and the compressor will have to be completely replaced. However, some sources claim that the start-up relay can be repaired. This is absolutely not true. To resume the operation of the refrigerator and normal functioning, only the replacement of the start-up relay will help.

The main symptoms of starting relay problems
The occurrence of uncharacteristic sounds when the compressor is turned on: rattling, clicking, creaking, strong hum.

The motor-compressor suddenly turns off immediately after starting or does not turn on at all.

The start relay turns on very often, starting and stopping the compressor at various time intervals.

If you begin to notice that such signs are taking place, you need to call the master to your house as soon as possible and carry out diagnostics to establish the exact cause, and then repair the refrigerators inexpensively.

Starter relay replacement cost
Replacing the starter relay is not a particularly expensive job. Other repairs associated with the elimination of malfunctions caused by the breakdown of this component are much more expensive. A faulty relay can cause a more serious malfunction, in particular, disable the compressor. Replacing the compressor will cost many times more, so at the first sign of a relay failure, you need to contact the service department for help. Thus, you can save a lot and protect your equipment from irreversible consequences.

Speaking about the cost of the services of a master, everything is individual here and it depends on several points:

Makes and models of your malfunctioning refrigerator.

New component prices.

Difficulties in manipulation, because in some models, disassembly of the refrigeration unit body is required.

The year of manufacture of the household appliance and the period of its use (for models older than 5 years, it is problematic to find a suitable part).

The final price of the work will be known only after the diagnosis. Our specialist will definitely tell you the cost of the upcoming repair and proceed to replace the starting relay, if you agree. Upon completion of all procedures, the master will start the refrigerator in test mode and issue a warranty card.

How to replace the refrigerator relay
To visualize and detect the relay, you need to turn the refrigerator with the back wall. The relay is located on the compressor and has a protective plastic box. To replace it, you need to remove it, after disconnecting the wires and terminals. Check contact groups for charring. If necessary, clean them with a sharp knife and remove excess. After that, replace the start relay, put the protective cover in place and connect all the wires in their places. It is not at all difficult to replace the refrigerator relay on your own, however, you need to know the basics of using the tool, and most importantly, correctly and accurately diagnose that this particular component is faulty.

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