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Refrigerator not working after transportation

Refrigerator not working after transportation

It is not uncommon for situations when the refrigerator does not work after transportation. This is not surprising, because the transportation of heavy and expensive equipment must be carried out strictly in accordance with the instructions. If the loaders or the driver do not follow the rules, then it is possible that serious malfunctions and breakdowns will occur. It happens that the refrigerator was inspected, checked together with a consultant, and it works, but only upon arrival home, it does not turn on. What to do in this situation, do you need to immediately run to the manager who sold it to you?

Possible reasons why the refrigerator does not work after transportation

If you have turned on the refrigerator in the mains, and it is loud, there is no need to panic, but turn it off from the power supply for literally one hour, and then turn it on again. If he began to work in normal mode, then the reason was associated with a strong flow of freon through the pipes. When the sound is also loud, then you need to contact the service center and the masters will provide you with professional support. The loud work of equipment can be caused by incorrect installation, you need to turn off the device, fix the legs and turn it on again. If you purchased a refrigerator under warranty, then the customer service should help you figure out the reason for free.

Did you turn on the refrigerator in the mains, but it does not consume electricity and refuses to freeze? The reason in this case may not be in the refrigerator itself, but in the outlet. It is necessary to check whether electricity is supplied to the outlet, and with what rated power. If it does not match the data of the refrigerator, then the refrigerator will only work with a voltage stabilizer.

When turned on after transportation, it does not turn on, does not work, only the light inside or the bulbs flashes - all this can be the cause of a frequent voltage drop. In order to eliminate such troubles, it is necessary to replace the control module, which could be damaged during transportation.

Basic rules for transporting a refrigerator

The refrigerator must only be transported in an upright position.
after transportation, the refrigerator cannot be turned on for several hours, but it is better to withstand a day.
sudden braking is prohibited.
it is desirable to go around holes and potholes.

Factors affecting the moment the refrigerator is turned on after transportation:

  1) if the devices were transported in a horizontal position, then you need to wait from 8 to 16 hours until the oil drains into the compressor;

  2) if the transportation process was carried out in an upright position and it is warm outside, then you need to wait from 2 to 4 hours;

  3) if the transportation was carried out in cold weather, even in a vertical position, you can turn on the equipment only after 4-6 hours.

The refrigerator does not freeze after transportation - possible damage

1) Damaged compressor

A knock or ringing sound is heard when the compressor is running. Perhaps one of the springs that holds the motor stator has flown off. It is possible that the compressor tries to start but cannot. At the same time, low characteristic clicks are heard. The compressor needs to be replaced.

2) Depressurization of the refrigeration circuit has occurred

Compressor runs but no cold. Sometimes this situation is the result of mechanical damage. If during transportation one of the pipes of the cooling system broke or cracked and freon leaked, then this picture will be observed. You need to find and fix the leak, and then fill the refrigerator with freon.

3) Damaged thermostat

If after turning on the refrigerator got cold, turned off and no longer starts, the light is on, then the problem may be due to a malfunction of the thermostat. Options may be as follows:

The compressor does not start, does not heat up, does not receive power
The refrigerator works non-stop, does not turn off, and the products begin to freeze in the common chamber
In this situation, you need to check the thermostat and replace it if necessary.

4) Damage to the compressor power supply circuit

If the refrigerator does not turn on, while the light inside the passenger compartment is on, then there may be damage to the compressor power circuit. The start relay does not make any sounds. Clicks are not heard. In this case, you need to check the relay and thermostat. Pay attention to relay terminals and other electrical connections. Poor contact in the power circuit may well lead to a similar result.

5) The refrigerator works, but it cools badly and does not turn off

Options may be as follows:

Clogged capillary tube
Partial leakage of freon as a result of depressurization of the refrigeration circuit
Clogged evaporator or condenser.
6) Only one chamber works in the refrigerator

If this is a two-compressor version of the refrigerator, then the reason may be any of the above.
If this is a refrigerator with one compressor and a valve, then the problem may be in the valve itself.
If a breakdown has occurred

But if trouble still happened and after transportation your refrigerator refuses to work normally, call us and call the master.

If you live in Kyiv, then our specialist will be able to quickly arrive and repair your faulty refrigerator as soon as possible.

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