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How to store food in the refrigerator

How to store food in the refrigerator

Since ancient times, people have been puzzled about how to preserve food for a long time. They resorted to storing food in boxes with ice, in cellars, in containers with cold water, etc. But on August 8, 1899, the inventor Albert Marshall from Minnesota patented the refrigerator. Since then, the approach to storing food has changed forever. Today, no kitchen is complete without a refrigerator. Many people mistakenly perceive the refrigerator as a source of cold, and do not betray the importance of proper storage organization products in it and it's not right. But due to improper storage, products quickly deteriorate, become weathered, stale, acquire an unpleasant odor. Let's figure out how to properly use the space in the refrigerator so that the products remain fresh and healthy for a long time.

No matter what kind of freezing and refrigeration system your refrigerator has, it is very important to use its space properly.

1 On the shelves

A certain temperature regime is maintained in the refrigerator compartment at its different points. It is better to store all dairy products, cheeses, eggs on the uppermost shelves. It is recommended to store semi-finished and finished products a little lower. Even lower it is convenient to store fish and meat. fruits.

2 Refrigerator door
The refrigerator door is the warmest place in the refrigerator. Therefore, perishable foods (cheese, milk) should not be stored in the door. An exception is butter if the door is equipped with a special compartment with heat protection. But the most suitable place is in the door for drinks and already open conservation.

3 Finished products
Ready dishes are best stored in special containers or in enameled dishes with tight-fitting lids. If there is no suitable container, we pack in foil or cling film. Proper packaging prevents odors from mixing and prolongs their shelf life.

4 Separate food storage
Dishes and products of different types must be stored separately from each other. Raw fish and meat should be stored separately from prepared foods. Vegetables and fruits should be stored in separate containers, as they can accelerate each other's decay.

Do not store nearby products:

- raw and prepared meals

- sausages and vegetables or fruits

- smoked products and cheeses

-vegetables and fruits

- fruits, fish and salads

5 Refrigerator cleanliness
Always keep your refrigerator clean. All products must be properly and neatly packed. Sausages and cheeses are best stored in paper bags, this allows the products to breathe. In drawers for fruits and vegetables, it is desirable to have a special antibacterial mat. It is recommended that at least once every two months, after removing all the products from the refrigerator, rinse the entire refrigerator (soda solution or vinegar)

6 Freshness zone (zero chamber)
Many modern refrigerators are equipped with a zero chamber or, as they say, a freshness zone. In it, the air temperature is close to 0 and the optimum humidity for storage is created, which allows the products to stay fresh longer and retain their original taste. Fruits, vegetables, herbs, cheeses and seafood are best preserved in this chamber.

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