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How to get rid of odors in the refrigerator?

How to get rid of odors in the refrigerator?
The unpleasant smell in the refrigerator often appears due to expired products. Here our actions are simple. We find these products and get rid of them. A clogged sewer drain (where the melt water of the crying mode of the refrigerator flows down) can also be the cause. It is necessary to ensure that food, fragments of food packaging (bags, paper) do not get into the drain. Well, the worst option is when you are not at home for a long time and your refrigerator stops working for any reason. This "malicious smell" manages to absorb all your refrigerator. Odors impregnate the plastic of the refrigerator, sealing rubber, and this smell must be dealt with as quickly as possible. Fortunately, it is unnecessary to seek help from specialists with this problem. Everyone can solve this problem at home.

So, the first thing to do is to check the refrigerator for spoiled food. The second is to check the sewer drain. After that, we rinse the refrigerator from the inside with a solution of vinegar (3-4 tablespoons of vinegar per 1 liter of warm water).

You may ask how to clean the sewer drain.

Most often, the drain is located in the middle of the back wall of the refrigerator compartment in the form of a small recess
To clean the hole, clean it with a long stick, and then rinse with a warm solution of vinegar using an enema or syringe (without a needle).

What else can save you from an ominous smell:

1 Pieces of black rye bread. It can be spread on all shelves of the refrigerator

2 Container with ground coffee. Ground coffee quickly absorbs other odors.

3 Activated carbon. Place the tablets on a saucer and leave in the refrigerator.

4 Piece of lemon or orange. Be sure to cut, not lie whole

5 Newspaper. A very unusual, but good way to get rid of odors. You just crumple a few sheets and place in your refrigerator.

6 tea bags

7 Sugar or salt. A few spoons in any container and sent to the refrigerator

8 Potato. Peel 1-2 potatoes, cut into pieces and place in the refrigerator

9 Purchased odor absorber

Prevention that never hurts

Check your fridge every 3-4 days

Store food in containers

Turn off the refrigerator from the mains (in the absence of one week) and at the same time the door should be ajar. A closed door in a disconnected refrigerator is an unpleasant smell and mold.

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