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Control board repair

Control board repair

“What is a refrigerator control board? What is it for? How and where is it better to order a control board repair? Causes of breakdowns and failures of electronics?

repair of the refrigerator control board. Modern refrigerators are a complex device and interconnected components, assemblies, systems and sensors, the operation of which is carried out under the constant control of an electronic unit, the so-called control board. If the control module fails, malfunctions in the operation of the household appliance begin, and it is unable to perform its functions. Thus, it can be seen that the temperature in the chambers does not drop to the desired values, the compressor stops turning off, or an error information code is displayed on the display, indicating a malfunction. In most cases, repairing the refrigerator control board is an expensive repair, because this electronic device in different models has different specifications and features, which requires a lot of experience in finding a problem and fixing it.

Signs and causes

Fridge board burnt out. For the most part, the control board in various models is designed for the entire period of operation of the device, or at least without failures it can work properly for at least 5 years from the date of purchase, but some manufacturers save on materials and components, which significantly reduces the life of the refrigerator. In particular, it may break down due to failures in the electronic unit or burnout of the board. In this case, it will definitely be necessary to repair the Bosch refrigerator control board or purchase a new household appliance. If you want to restore your equipment and get a quality repair, then you should contact only professional craftsmen who have extensive experience and know all the features and design differences of your particular model. Only in this case, you can be sure that the repair of the control board will be carried out in accordance with all the rules and standards, followed by a guarantee.

How to understand that the malfunction affected the electronic module? Unfortunately, there are no obvious signs. Almost always, in case of failures in electronics, the user notices problems associated with other components of the equipment, therefore, without professional diagnostics, it is almost impossible to determine the failure of the board. However, unstable operation and some factors should alert you, for example:

The refrigerator does not respond to key presses on the control panel;

The display is no longer illuminated / there is no information about the temperature, program, etc.;

The refrigerator does not respond to the set temperature setting;

Various error messages continuously appear on the display;

The refrigerator has stopped starting or shutting down;

There is a spontaneous decrease and increase in temperature in the chambers;

All this can be a sign of a breakdown not only of individual components and assemblies, but also a sign of failures in the operation of electronics, and this, in turn, leads to a complete failure of the device if you do not call a refrigerator repairman in a timely manner.

The reasons for the breakdown can also be very different. It is possible to establish the exact one only after the diagnosis, which is why in such a serious matter one cannot do without the help of a specialist. Causes:

Due to the special sensitivity, electronics can instantly fail due to sudden power surges in the network. Therefore, it is recommended to install a protective device (RCD) and connect to a separate outlet;

Contact of any liquids or condensate on the control board. As a result, repair of the control board will be required;

Initially, poor-quality assembly or installation of a defective electronic board. At the same time, during the warranty period, the seller is obliged to take your refrigerator for examination and exchange it for a new one if a factory defect is detected.

Depreciation of the control unit during long-term operation (more than 10 years);

Performing poor-quality repairs in the past, which could eventually render the control board unusable;

It is necessary to draw your attention to the fact that the malfunction of the unit must be eliminated as quickly as possible, otherwise other important “organs” and refrigerator systems will subsequently suffer, which will lead to an increase in the cost of repair work.

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