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Changing the hatch lock in a washing machine

Quite often we are approached by washing machine users, when the door does not lock before washing or it cannot be opened after all programs are finished. It may be a breakage of the door lock or the door locking device. If you are not an expert in the field of repair and do not know how to fix it yourself call our company and order services of a professional, because replacement of the hatch lock in the washing machine requires theoretical knowledge and certain skills, otherwise you can aggravate the technical condition of your household appliance. We will be glad to help you at any time that will be convenient for you.

Signs of malfunction of the hatch lock
It is worth immediately noting that a more accurate answer and the causes of malfunction will only be able to master, after conducting local diagnostics. This procedure is necessary to identify hidden defects and detect possible breaks in the electrical circuit of the locking device.
The hatch door locks, but does not lock before starting the washing. This is the case when the door locking device is undamaged, but the locking mechanism itself and its elements are defective or malfunction, e.g. locking tongue, door handle, etc. In this case, when closing the door you can hear a click, but when you press the start button you do not hear the characteristic sound of locking, of course, that the program will not start.
After washing, the door remains in the locked position. If the washing machine hatch is jammed, there may be several reasons: either a breakdown of the control device, or the malfunction of some sensors that do not send a signal to end the program. In this case, the door does not open even after the device was unplugged.
The door does not lock at all. During closing, you do not hear the characteristic click of the door lock or the hatch locking tab does not enter the lock hole. After starting the program, it immediately stops and gives the error code of washing machines Samsung, LG, Bosch and others.
Very important! These signs can speak not only about the breakage of the hatch lock, but also about other more serious malfunctions. Therefore, before proceeding to repair, a competent diagnosis at home with the use of special test instruments is necessary. Only after identifying the cause and confirming his suspicions, the master can perform the replacement of the hatch lock in the washing machine.

If you decided to replace the washing machine hatch lock by yourself, then you need to fix all the steps of the work on a video camera or take a photo of each of your steps. So it will be easier for reassembly.
First of all, you need to remove the cuff that prevents water leakage from the hatch side. Some models are equipped with a special spring to support the collar, so you will need to pick it up with a screwdriver, and then remove the retaining clamp.
Next, unscrew the screws that fix the lock in the right place. They are located in the area where you can see the tongue of the lock latch.
Now remove the device locking the hatch through the hole that is between the cuff and the body of the washing machine.
When you got access to the device and took it out of the body should disconnect the wiring harness and connect a new, serviceable device locking the hatch.
After that, put the hatch lock in its intended place and fasten the fixing screws.
Put on the cuff and fix it again with the clamp.
After this simple procedure, you should run the washing machine on the shortest program to make sure that the door lock is in order and there is no leakage from the side of the door.
Once again we draw your attention! If you do not know how to work with machinery, have no experience in the repair of technically complex household appliances, then it is better to call our service, and we will perform all the necessary work inexpensively, efficiently and quickly, including the overhaul of washing machines at home of all brands.

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