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Built-in refrigerator

Built-in refrigerator

The only advantage of the built-in refrigerator is that it perfectly fits the design of your kitchen. On its door are only visible indicators and temperature sensors, through which you can control the operation of the refrigerator, not even opening his door. To ensure the safe operation of the unit in most furniture made special slot for air circulation around kompressora.Po price usually are more expensive than their counterparts fridges of similar size, and their useful volume is half of volume of space that they occupy.
repair of refrigerators on domuEsche one important selection criterion is the number of refrigerator refrigerator chambers. Possible number ranging from one to three.
Single Door Refrigerators are mainly composed of refrigerating compartment, though there are also models with a small freezer compartment.
Most popular are refrigerators with two cameras (refrigerator and freezer).
The primary when choosing a refrigerator is the location relative to each other freezing and refrigerating compartments. There are single and double models of refrigerators. The advantage of the latter embodiment is that the opening of one chamber in the second temperature range does not change, which allows to dispense with the extra energy required to maintain a certain temperature. For the same reason there were three-compartment refrigerators, which, however, are not widely used because partitions between the chambers significantly reduce the capacity of the refrigerator. It would be best if the camera, which is used most often located in the upper part of the refrigerator. Although the location on top of the freezer to allow you to save up to 10% of electricity.
Holoditelnaya camera
Typically, the larger the volume of the refrigerator takes a freezer, in which are located a plurality of shelves and containers for products
The shelves are preferably made of glass or a lattice. While the former are good because they are durable, easy to clean and look more aesthetically pleasing, the latter contribute to the free circulation of air inside the refrigerator to kamery.Nemalovazhno inside the chamber was a sufficient number of mounts that will allow you to pick their own height of the shelves inside the refrigerator.
Two main refrigeration compartment defrosting systems are Today: No Frost and drip ( "weeping wall"). Both work automatically.
No Frost operating principle of the system is that the air circulation occurs not only prevents the formation of frost on the walls, but also maintains a uniform temperature in the entire chamber. Any moisture in the form of condensation settles on hladelemente chamber, and then flows into the container reserved for it and evaporates.
These refrigerators are more expensive price sigmente than refrigerators with a drip system ohlazhdeniya.I their only drawback is that the defrost system in this version takes longer usable volume of the refrigerating chamber.
repair of refrigerators at home Buying a refrigerator, keep in mind that the larger the volume of the freezer, the less the amount of the cooling chamber. Therefore, decide in advance which slot you will use more.
Usually at the location of the freezer at the bottom of the refrigerator, the chamber is composed by three drawers.
If the provided top position of the freezer, then it is usually divided into parts shelves in the refrigeration unit design.
The main criteria for freezing chamber are the payload volume and the ability to maintain the desired temperature with respect to a certain period of time.
Just like in refrigerators, two types of automatic defrost (drip, No Froct) used in freezers, as well as the manual defrosting system, where necessary after a certain period of time to turn off the refrigerator and defrost it by removing the accumulation of ice and frost.
Zero zone
Luggage compartment or in the refrigerator, where the temperature is always maintained at zero with a high percentage of humidity is called the zero zone. Products in this zone the longest stay fresh, which is very convenient if you need to prepare a meal in some time, while not freezing products for its preparation.

Refrigerator compressor
The most important unit of the refrigerator is its compressor. One or two-compressor refrigerator choose depends on many factors.
how to choose a refrigerator small refrigerator naturally produce a single compressor. When buying large refrigerator it is necessary to pay special attention, because compressor will operate simultaneously both separation and change in temperature of only one of them, in this case not work. You, lowering temperature in the same cell, and will simultaneously reduce the temperature of the other, thus increasing the cost of electrical energy. There is no doubt the market today can offer single-compressor refrigerators where cooling is provided by separate chambers, but few such models. And one compressor will be hard to cool large quantities of food quickly enough.
Therefore, we recommend you, though, and refrigerators with one compressor produced at a lower price, yet to choose a refrigerator with two compressors, each compressor is responsible for the camera assigned to it, which allows you to regulate the temperature in each of them one advantage otdelnosti.Esche two-compressor refrigerators yavletsya the ability to disable only one of the compressors, for example, to wash one of the chambers, without shutting down the second.
Class refrigerator energoopotrebleniya
Depending on the energy savings in the operation and the ability to maintain the temperature without electricity consumption of refrigerators are divided into energy classes. The most economical are the "A" class refrigerators, followed by classes "B" and "C", which are not much different from the "A" class.
If you want to save on electricity would be wise to follow a few simple rules in the operation of the refrigerator. First, do not put in the refrigerator dishes and products, which are above room temperature. Second, do not leave the fridge door open for a long time. And third, it is advisable to choose a place for a refrigerator located relatively far from the gas stove and radiators.
refrigerator Price
Well, here we got to the main selection criterion limiting the refrigerator - its price. Determining factors and which will be all of the above components of the price of the refrigerator: the useful volume, number and location of the refrigerator chambers, defrosting system of the latter, the number of compressors, energy efficiency class and, of course, the brand manufacturer. With additional features such as special compartments for storage of cosmetic creams or audible alarm when the door is open for a long time, the price of the refrigerator, respectively, increases.
We hope that these tips will help you to choose your "right" refrigerator, which "faithfully" will serve you for years to come.

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