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Water in refrigerator

Quite often exploiting refrigerator, faced with the emergence of water in the refrigerator or under the refrigerator. Usually this does not attach much importance, postponing an investigation where all the same did the water for later. Meanwhile, if time does not eliminate the cause, it can lead to serious defects often require time and money.

So where did all the water is taken?

Water in the refrigerator - is condensed moisture from the air and products formed on the evaporator, which can reach a temperature of - 30 C.

Where you may receive water, and for what reason?

1. The water in the cooling chamber.

If the evaporator is, in the refrigerator, the water can emerge in the refrigerator, it usually accumulates at the bottom under the vegetable crates. Upon reaching the preset temperature, the refrigerator compressor is switched off and the frozen layer of frost on the evaporator, this evaporator called "weeping" melts and leaves its chambers through the drain hole. If the hole is clogged, the condensate is not removed from the cooling chamber and remains therein. Clog up the drainage, particles of products and packaging, freeze to the evaporator at the touch of it during storage. This happens often, and if the refrigerator is not correctly inserted into the shelf on which there are constraints prevent this contact, then there is a mandatory and regular basis.

The two chambers refrigerators with top of the refrigerating chamber, the water from the cooling chamber may be run down in the freezer, sometimes on the inner surface of freezer door form "stalactites" of freezing water, running on top. But the main danger here is that the bridge between the chambers laid steel pipe with Freon. pipe temperature reaches 80 ° C, the gas pressure therein to 12 atm. Sometimes only two weeks of using the appliance with a clogged drain that would have occurred pipeline corrosion and leakage of Freon.
Refrigerator is equipped with special brushes for cleaning the drainage holes if the brush is lost, will approach a simple rod of a ballpoint pen that would clean the hole. When you need to throw in the opening half cup warm water and make sure that the water is drained through a drain.

2. Water under the refrigerator.

Damage to tanks for condensate collection. The capacity of the compressor is fixed. With such a failure within the refrigeration unit remains dry and the liquid flows out and accumulates behind a refrigerator. Pushing the refrigerator, you must osmotret.emkost. If it is cracked or chipped, it should be changed. Typically, during the inspection it becomes apparent, from what place it leaking. In addition to cracking capacity is not secured and the Bank, or not at all fly off the fasteners in this case, the water will flow past on pol.Chasto capacity for the carriage of container lost and it may be absent in the refrigerator.

3. Water in the freezer.

Actually water immediately freezes, and we are seeing the ice in the freezer. In refrigerators the evaporator No Frost, Full No Frost, can also clog the drain, usually "liquid rubber" is used in places of contact of the evaporator tubes, to eliminate vibration and noise. Either the drain can grab it peremerzaet and condensate ceases to be removed from the chamber. As water in the cooling chamber runs to the bottom of the chamber and there freezes. Freezes into ice bottom drawer for storage of products.

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