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2:24 PM
Washing machine does not heat the water

If all of a sudden, it was observed that the washing machine does not heat the water, you need to take immediate action. Without proper heating laundry does not make sense. Temperature should be carried out at all stages of the machine, but in this case it is to wash dirt on laundry and clothing. But what to do in case of breakage, and can solve it?

The washing machine has a water level sensor. When the water reaches a certain point, the sensor is triggered, the circuit is closed, and the heating element starts to heat up. But it happens that the probe blasted various garbage it ceases to leak, therefore, ceases to work. As a result, the washing machine does not heat the water, losing its main function. The situation can be corrected by cleaning the tube sensor or replace the device.

In the washing machine has a thermostat. This heating water sensor which signals the control system when it is necessary to include heating and when off. If it is damaged, water can be heated to a very high temperature to near boiling, or not heated at all. Temperature sensor pulled out of the machine, check and change to a new, if necessary.

Modern washing machine - a fairly sophisticated device, in which there is an electronic control system. If the inside of the control unit there was some failure, it is sure to affect its work. Damage to the module may occur due to contact failure or if swallowed water. Often it is impossible to repair the unit and changing to the new service center. The cost of such a procedure is always high, because in fact there is a replacement "brain" stiralki. In some cases, the hostess just pass the old appliance and buy another for a fee, more reliable.

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