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3:12 PM
The reliability of the refrigerator

Under the service life is understood as the calendar length of use of the product until the emergence of the state, resulting in a loss of efficiency of the refrigerator. refrigerators lifetime can reach 16 - 20 years. However, the "moral" aging refrigerators occurs so rapidly that the actual period is limited to 4 - 7 years.
The term of service of the refrigerator, as well as the warranty period specified in the manufacturer's data sheet. When using the product after the end of this life, the responsibility for the consequences borne by the owner.

Reliability - property products perform specified functions, while maintaining its operating characteristics within the specified limits for the specified time. The main indicator of reliability - reliability, ie property products continue to operate during the period of time set by.
There are sudden and gradual failures. Sudden failures occur as a result of a combination of adverse factors, so their appearance does not depend on the duration of the refrigerator. Phasing out due to slow processes - corrosion of metal aging. In the first 3 - 8 months. operation of refrigerators (which corresponds to the duration of lapping elements compressor) the number of failures in the work of the most noticeable. Further growth failure is monotonic. The average failure rate is 3 - 5% per year

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