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Repair of stoves

When preparing the cake is very long, pale remains on the one hand, despite the fact that the controller is exposed to the maximum temperature that can be suspected the failure of one of the heating elements. Define it is quite simple - you need a few seconds to turn on the oven, then touch tenam previously defended hands tack. If there is no heating - elements must be replaced. These parts usually are inexpensive and you can change them without much effort.

If all heaters work exhibited oven to the desired temperature, and a cake at the same time is not baked for an hour already, perhaps it's all about damage to the thermostat. Reliably identify such damage at home ordinary consumers is difficult, therefore, without having to call the master can not do.

Models with electronic display is often programmed to self-diagnosis. In other words, when an error occurs in the system are in the form of symbols display information about it on the screen. Oven Error Codes Each manufacturer their own, they are detailed in the instructions that are specific to the model. For example, if the oven BOSCH is not included and the display will show signs of E011, the possible cause of the problem - long press one of the buttons at scuffing or sticking. Repair of ovens in such cases is not made, such problems can be resolved with their own hands, following the advice of the instructions.

It also happens that the fault does not have any relation to the repair of the oven. We are talking about the failures in the power of accidentally pull the cord out of the socket, not a tightly closed door, and other details. Ironically, due to such absurd coincidences oven owners spend a lot of nerves. Therefore, before you run to buy parts or cause the master, make sure that the equipment is properly connected.

These include the burned-out electronics module, the faulty timer, damaged contacts, and more. Oven Repair in this case should be carried out only in service centers, with their own hands to fix these problems is quite problematic.

Most buyers are concerned the cost of spare parts. As a rule, when it comes to tenah, thermostats and other accessories, the price of them is low. It is quite another thing - control unit. Often, the cost is more than one thousand rubles and repair damage to the unit oven, which already is impractical for several years.

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