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Refrigerator working principle

The refrigeration unit operates as follows. Motor-compressor pumps the refrigerant vapors from the evaporator and the condenser in their pumps. The capacitor pair freon cooled and condensed. Then the liquid freon through the filter drier and capillary tubing enters the evaporator. Hydraulic resistance of a capillary conduit is selected in such a way as to create a definite difference between the condensing pressure and suction that creates a compressor, through a conduit in which a certain amount of liquid passed. Each capillary corresponds to a motor-compressor. On entering the refrigerant evaporator, the pressure drops from the condensing pressure and the boiling pressure. This process is called throttling. Thus there is a boiling refrigerant, entering the evaporator channels Freon boils, the energy required to heat a boil, taken from the surface of the evaporator, cooling the air in the refrigerator. After passing through the evaporator the liquid freon is converted into steam, which is pumped by the compressor. The amount of heat withdrawn refrigerating machine per unit of expended electrical energy called the refrigerator refrigeration coefficient.

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