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3:14 PM
Refrigerator service

The reason for the guaranteed malfunctions during operation of refrigeration equipment is the contamination of the condenser. Contamination of the capacitor leads to an increase in pressure and the refrigerant condensing temperature of refrigerant and the oil, which causes clogging of capillary duct disintegration of oil products and an increase in the load on the compressor. Even earlier than any problems with clogging of the capillary, there drop in the cooling capacity of the refrigeration unit, raises the temperature in the refrigerated volume and the motor-compressor is no longer switched off. If the owner just does not pay attention to the fact that the equipment operates continuously is not turned off, then the next stage - the failure of the motor-compressor. Thus, non-compliance with a low-cost maintenance procedures for cleaning the condenser, leads to the most expensive major overhaul - the need to replace the motor-compressor.

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