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Installing the Washing machine

To clearly see how to connect the washing machine, you must read the accompanying instructions carefully. All operations starting with the removal of packaging and finishing filling with water for the first washing should be carried out accurately by the rules.

Necessarily it is necessary to remember that proper installation of washing machine - is the key to trouble-free and safe operation.

Solving the problem of how to connect the washing machine is sometimes used unusual variant of installation - in the hallway. If the hallway space allows placement of the unit and can be connected to a located next to Communications, then this option may prove to be quite ergonomic.

Once defined the place of installation and removal of the packaging carried out, remove the shipping details (bolts, clamps and bars), as well as elements of the fasteners that hold the rotating machine parts during transportation. When unscrewing the shipping bolts from the car tank hangs on springs. This situation - this is a normal operating condition of the tank. Before you connect the machine, left after twisting bolt holes closed with plastic plugs.

Connecting the machine to the drain communication should take place with the following features:

Machines that have the special check valve, water permeable only in one direction can not be set without considering the limitation level (the manufacturer must specify its minimum and maximum value), to which the discharge hose (pipe) is to be located.

Before connect the drain of the washing machine, to connect the machine to drain the system with the sewer pipe is necessary to purchase an additional siphon. Hose machine securely connected to the water drainage from the sink system. In such an embodiment, connecting water leak is excluded.

Sometimes the drain tube is fixed on the rim of the bath or sink. However, this method is not sufficiently reliable and safe, since, if accidentally engage the hose, the water will flow to the floor.

Once connected, check whether the entire length of pipe straightening (no kinks). It is rigidly fixed at 80 cm from the floor at the rear of the machine. To connect the drain hose adapter is used with clamps.

Water connection
Connecting to the water supply system is as follows.

To perform this operation using flexible hoses. Hose, if necessary, make a longer sealing space parts connection using the cuff (rubber pads

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