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Installing the dryer

Manufacturers of household appliances for the house has in its line of several types of machines for drying clothes: extraction, condensing and heat pump. Connecting the dryer each species has its own characteristics, which is caused by the principle of the work products. For example, exhaust units produced by drying exhaust air with moisture in the ventilation system. Condensation products work as follows: the heated air to the chamber with the laundry, moisture collects and passes through a heat exchanger mounted. After that, the moisture accumulates in a special tray, which is necessary after every power to devastate. With regard to the heat pump machines, they basically operate similarly to the previous embodiment. The only difference is that no moist air passes through the heat exchanger and the evaporator.

In private homes often make the installation of exhaust drying machines to be connected to the ventilation and electricity. If it is not possible to derive the duct, it is recommended to connect the condensation model, which taps the water produced either in the tray or the drain. Consider two existing mounting options: for ventilation and drainage, but first let's talk about how you can set the body in the room.

The most popular option - installation of the dryer on top of washing, which is also called the "column." In this case, you can save space, which is especially important in a small studio apartment. In order to establish a "dryer" on the washing machine to the column, it is necessary to use special fasteners, which are included.

Installation is quite simple - the body set on stiralki protivooprokidyvayuschie mounting and special caps. After that, the body of the drying machine is attached to the caps, the legs can be turned out and appliances exhibited by level. There is also the option of attaching to the wall using special rails, but it is used very rarely. The only important point - stiralka should not be narrow (meaning already dryers), or upper body stability is questionable.

A simpler version of the installation - next to the washing machine. In this case, we need more space, but at the same time, the equipment will be stable and no longer the possibility of negative effects of drying on the washing machine during operation. Most often, this option is used in spacious houses and apartments with a large bathroom or separately specified location, for example, laundry or wardrobe. Installation is not a big deal, just need to install the housing in the right place and remove the legs to machinery was put strictly on the level.

When you are finished with the installation of the dryer in a column, you will go to its connection to the ventilation or drain, depending on what type of device you have chosen.

With regard to ventilation, everything is simple. On one side of the body to be the vent that you want to connect the flexible duct. Fixing by a special clamp that are provided. The second end of the corrugations need to display either in the central ventilation system or the window if no such system. Please note that it is not recommended corrugation bend 90 °, because in this case the extractor will operate on the order of magnitude worse. Try to bring the air duct with a minimum of twists and turns.

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